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偕同聖母,步武基督祈禱音樂會 “To Jesus through Mary” Concert

建堂60周年 : 偕同聖母,步武基督祈禱音樂會



時間:15/8/2021 (日) 15:30 -17:00

報名:堂區辦事處、善會團體代表報名 或 掃描二維碼報名

當日活動會在堂區網頁及 Facebook 直播

“To Jesus through Mary” Concert – In commemoration of our Church’s 60th Anniversary Celebration, a concert titled, “To Jesus through Mary” Concert will be held on August 15, 2021 at 3:30pm at the Church. Since space is limited, registration of attendance is required. You may register at the Parish Office or by scanning the QR Code from the poster or from our Church website.

Venue: Immaculate Heart of Mary Church

Date/Time: 15/8/2021 (Sun)15:30 -17:00

Registration: Church office or by scanning the QR code of the poster

There will be Live broadcast through the Church Facebook and the Parish website.

報名 / Registration:

刊登於 18-07-2021 (修訂於 24-07-2021)