A. 婚前查詢 Pre-marriage Inquiry

  1. 於婚禮前六個月或以上,聯絡原屬堂區辦事處以及/或一位司鐸儘快辦理婚前查詢 (Pre-marriage Inquiry)at least six months in advance, make arrangements with your own parish office and/or a priest to complete the pre-marriage inquiry as soon as possible﹔
  2. 呈交所須文件(如下)submit the required documents (as follows):
    a. 專為結婚用之領洗紙 – 有效期為半年(可往領洗堂區領取)a baptismal certificate issued for marriage purposes - valid for only 6 months (obtainable at the parish of baptism)﹔
    b. 婚姻登記官證明書 (Certificate of Registrar of Marriage) – 有效期為三個月(可往政府婚姻註冊處領取)a Certificate of Registrar of Marriage (a marriage license) - valid for only 3 months (obtainable at the Government Marriage Registry)﹔
    c. 婚前培育課程聽講証(課程由明愛或公教婚姻輔導會主辦)﹔(為避免額滿,最好提前三至六個月報名。明愛﹕電話2669-2316 婚姻輔導會:電話2523-3682)a Certificate of Completion of a Pre-Marriage Formation Programme (organized by the Caritas or the Catholic Marriage Advisory Council) (To secure a place for such a programme, better apply 3 to 6 months ahead of time. Caritas: Tel. 2669-2316; Catholic Marriage Advisory Council: Tel. 2523-3682)﹔
    d. 其他有關文件(例如﹕適用於特定情況之「有結婚自由之證明書」)Any other relevant documentation (e.g. “Freedom to Marry Testimonial” in certain cases)

B. 婚禮(於本地聖堂舉行)The Wedding Ceremony (in a Church in Hong Kong)

  1. 準備結婚者須於最少六個月前在選定舉行婚禮之堂區辦事處登記並辦理有關手續。結婚日期必須有待雙方辦妥婚前查詢手續,及呈交所有必須之文件以後,方可作實。所有文件及費用必須於婚禮前最少四十日內交回堂區辦事處。假若在婚禮前發現準備結婚者於有關自由身份一事上虛報資料,則不得在聖堂內舉行婚禮。The couple is required to register in the office of the parish chosen for the wedding to make necessary arrangements at least six months in advance. The date of the wedding can only be confirmed after the completion of the pre-marriage inquiry as well as upon the submission of the documents concerned. All documents and fees must be handed in to the parish office at least 40 days prior to the wedding. If the date of wedding has not been confirmed, the parish will not be responsible for wedding invitations sent out or other arrangements made.
  2. 假若結婚日期未經作實,準備結婚者卻已發出請帖或作出其他有關安排,堂區將不會負上任何責任。If it is discovered that the couple has made false declarations concerning either party’s free status, the couple will not be permitted to hold a church wedding.
  3. 準備結婚者須支付各項服務之指定費用。The couple is required to pay prescribed fees to cover the cost of the services concerned.
  4. 如邀請客席司鐸主持婚禮,須及早通知堂區辦事處。如該司鐸來自外地,他必須於婚禮前最少兩日接觸主任司鐸以瞭解本地之規定。If a guest priest is to perform the wedding, please inform the parish office in advance. If the priest is from abroad, he needs to contact the Parish Priest at least 2 days prior to the wedding in order to understand local regulations.

C. 婚禮前聖事 Sacraments Before Marriage

  1. 教會懇切奉勸教友於舉行婚禮前,辦妥修和及聖體聖事,而尚未領受堅振的教友,則必須於婚禮前先領堅振聖事。The Church earnestly advises Catholics to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation and the Holy Communion before their wedding. Those who have not received the Sacrament of Confirmation should receive it before the wedding.


溫馨提示:有 * 必須填寫 (Note: with * must be filled)

準新郎中文姓名 Name of the groom in Chinese *

準新郎英文姓名 Name of the groom in English *

準新郎是否天主教徒 Groom's Religion *
 教友 Catholic 非教友 Non-Catholic 慕道者 Catechumen

準新娘中文姓名 Name of the bride in Chinese *

準新娘英文姓名 Name of the bride in English *

準新娘是否天主教徒 Bride's Religion *
 教友 Catholic 非教友 Non-Catholic 慕道者 Catechumen

婚姻禮儀日期及時間 Marriage Ceremony Date (YYYY-MM-DD) and time *

連絡人姓名 Contact Person Name *

電話 Telephone *

手機 Mobile

住址 Address *

電郵 Email


* 本人自願提供以上資料作為教區記錄,並明瞭及接受本人所提供之資料會用作合符香港法律第486章個人資料(私穩)條例之用途。I provide the above data voluntarily for the Diocese’s records. I understand and accept that the data provided are used in accordance with Cap.486 of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance.
* 如有查詢,歡迎連絡本堂區辦事處。For inquiries, please contact the parish office. Email: [email protected]