Twenty-Third Sunday in Ordinary Time (C) Sept 8, 2019

  1. There is nothing hidden from the Lord. All our thoughts and plans and secret fears are open to him, even when we try to hide them. May he give us the courage and strength to deal with the doubts and misgivings and fears of his Church, with the love and mercy which are part of his nature.

  2. The Lord feels for the oppressed and the forgotten; understands the damage which can lead to violence, the insecurity which lead to defensiveness, and neglect which can lead to lack of control. We pray that he may heal the nations, restore what has been lost, and turn our hearts to discern his will.

  3. The Lord knows the love inside our hearts for one another that sings and dances and aches and worries. We pray that the Spirit may work on us now in the depth of our being, and bless our loved ones with a sense of joy.

  4. The Lord suffers with those who suffer and weeps with those who weep; we, too, stand alongside them now in whatever pain, distress or sorrow is engulfing them, and we pray that they may be comforted.

  5. The Lord’s death and resurrection proclaim the message of hope amongst the tears of our grieving for those who have died. May they be welcomed into the eternal light of the kingdom.

Published on: 07-09-2019