Twenty-third Sunday in Ordinary Time (A) September 6th, 2020

  1. May the unchanging God change us from the heart until the whole Church awakens to his love that reaches out, nurtures and celebrates, neither holding back from what is difficult, nor rushing in where angels fear to tread. We pray for sensitivity and courage.

  2. May the almighty God give us such love for the world that we may pray with longing and desire, ‘Your kingdom come’. May he give our leaders the grace to see their work as service and their role as stewards; and sharpen both the recognition of needs and the commitment to just provision.

  3. May the merciful God break all habits of destructive behaviour in our homes and families, our friendships and in all the homes of this parish. May he develop our ability to celebrate what is good and face what is not with honesty.

  4. May the healing God lay his hands on those who suffer, so that they may know the support of his presence and find wholeness and peace in his love. We pray especially for those who are locked into the conviction that they are beyond his forgiveness. May they quickly discover the freedom of his acceptance.

  5. May the eternal God, in his unchanging love, receive all those who have died in faith, that they may rejoice in him for ever.

Published on: 03-09-2020