Twenty-sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time (A) September 27th, 2020

  1. We give thanks for all the help and encouragement we are given from the the Church – from its worship, teaching and fellowship; from its faithfulness in prayer. May the Lord bless and further all loving ministry in word and sacrament throughout the world Church, and inspire us all to want his will and to do it.

  2. We pray for the world, where the misery and tragedy of wrong choices grieves the Father’s heart of love. May there be wisdom and compassion in all negotiations and decisions; May there be humility in leadership and responsibility for right action shared by all.

  3. We bring to the Lord the joys and worries, the frustrations and accomplishments of this week in the lives we have met and shared. As we pray, may his light shine into all these lives for fresh directing and lasting good.

  4. We bring to the Lord those we know who are ill or suffering in any way. May he give them healing, restore them in body, mind and spirit, and provide them with his in dwelling.

  5. We remember all those who have died, and particularly those we have known and loved. We thank the Lord for them, and thank him for his promise of eternal life and peace. May we comfort one another through his love.

Published on: 25-09-2020