Twenty-Second Sunday in Ordinary Time (C) Sept 1, 2019

  1. As the body constantly breathes, may the Church, the body of Christ, constantly pray, breathing God’s life into all its members and activities.

  2. As a new week begins in our world, may wrong priorities be challenged and adjusted, may our societies reflect God’s concern for righteousness, true justice and responsive love, and may all leaders grow in humility, attentive to the needs of those they serve.

  3. As we call to mind our loved ones, all who depend on us, and those on whom we depend, all with whom we laugh, cry, work or play, cleanse and refresh our relationships and give us greater love, understanding and forgiveness.

  4. We think of those who are in prison, locked in cells or depression or dysfunctional bodies; we think of those in hospital wards and accident centers, those unable to reach medical help and those on long waiting-lists for operations; as we think of them all, we pray for them all.

  5. We remember the dying and those who love them; we remember those whose earthly life has come to an end, and we commend them to God’s undying love.

Published on: 31-08-2019