Twenty-Ninth Sunday in Ordinary Time (C) Oct 20th , 2019

  1. We pray for those who teach prayer and open Scriptures to others at schools and colleges, retreat houses, and conferences, and in churches and homes all over the world. We pray that many will find in Scripture words speaking into their situation and providing the guidance they need.

  2. We pray for those picking their way through situations of potential conflict and danger; for law makers and keepers and all who are oppressed unjustly; for the leaders of the nations and their people.

  3. We pray for the grace to listen to one another and respond to one another’s needs; we pray for a spirit of co-operation and generosity in our homes and neighbourhoods.

  4. We pray for those who are wrestling with problems which seem too big to cope with; for those who have recently received news that has stunned or appalled them, and are still in a state of shock.

  5. We pray for those who have gone through death, that they may be judges with mercy and brought safely into the eternal life of heaven.

Published on: 19-10-2019