Twenty Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time – Sept 12th 2021

  1. That we may all learn to think God’s way and desire to do his will above everything else; that we may be ready to suffer if necessary, and put ourselves out, and do that cheerfully, considering it a privilege. We pray.

  2. That the craving to be most powerful may be transformed into a yearning for mutual respect and harmony; that wealth may not shout louder than right, and the whisper of truth may be heard above the clamour of expediency. We pray.

  3. That within our homes and places of work we may practise self-discipline in all that we say, and in the way it is said, using our mouths to speak wisely and positively with love in both hearts and voices. We pray.

  4. That those who have died in faith may rise to eternal life, and that we may so live on earth that we are all prepared for meeting the Father face to face in heaven. We pray.

Published on: 11-09-2021