Twenty-fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time (A) September 13th, 2020

  1. We give thanks to the Father for the love which forgives again and again, and is prepared to trust us with the care of his people even after we have let him down many times. May he teach us to minister to one another’s needs with compassion, sensitivity and discipline, so that all are affirmed and encouraged.

  2. We give thanks to the Father for the order and variety, simplicity and complexity of this universe. In gratitude for all that humankind is able to do, we ask that all these gifts be used wisely and well, for the good of all, including those as yet unborn.

  3. We give thanks to the Father for what we have been forgiven and for the opportunities we have each day to learn the joy of forgiving others. May he smash through our self-righteousness and keep us learning in humility at his feet.

  4. We give thanks to the Father for all those who care for the sick, the unstable, the ungrateful and the difficult. We pray for all who are on the receiving end of hate, deceit, suspicion or abuse, and for those who cause others pain and distress of any kind. We pray for healing and transforming.

  5. We give thanks to the Father for those whose living and dying have taught us much about love. Freed from their pain and restrictions of age or injury, may they enjoy for ever the life of heaven.

Published on: 11-09-2020