Twenty-Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time – September 18th, 2022

  1. We pray for the Church to be pure and holy, alight with God’s love and compassion, and free from behavior which is unworthy of God’s chosen people. We pray.

  2. We pray for the nations to be wisely governed, with just laws and a sense of vision which reflects the best of human nature. We pray for peace and mutual respect in each community throughout the world. We pray.

  3. We pray for our homes to be filled with God’s love, so we are happy to put ourselves out for others, to listen with full attention, and to value one another. We pray for the strength to clear away anything in our life-style which competes with God for our commitment. We pray.

  4. We pray for those who feel neglected or rejected by society, that they may know God’s love and acceptance of them. We pray for all those in pain and distress, that they may be comforted and relieved. We pray.

  5. We pray that the dying may recognize their need of God and his power to save; that those who have died may be judged with mercy and rest in God’s peace. We pray.

Published on: 17-09-2022