Twenty-fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time (A) September 20th, 2020

  1. Whenever we start to get offended by the Father’s generosity or open-mindedness, may he give us the grace to repent and join his rejoicing. May he guard the Church against self-righteousness and all rules and limits which he would not own, but keep always before us the rule of love.

  2. May the Lord increase in us love not only for the victims but for the perpetrators of evil and violence in our world; for all governments which run on corruption and fear. We pray for a change of heart and attitude, an awakening to a better way of living, and the courage to reject wrong principles.

  3. May our closeness to family and friends make us never exclusive, shutting others out, but always inclusive, welcoming others in. May the lord encourage us in outgoing hospitality and keep us from becoming possessive with those we love.

  4. We pray for all offenders in prison, that on release they will not re-offend but find enough support to start a new life in the community. We pray for all who are vulnerable and unable to cope with the demands of life, for alcoholics, drug addicts and all who are sick in mind. We pray for proper, compassionate help for them.

  5. We pray for those who have died alone, unmourned and unnoticed. We pray for those who have committed suicide or died in accidents of their own making. We commend them to the merciful love of our Heavenly Father.

Published on: 18-09-2020