Twenty-Eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time – Oct 11th, 2020

  1. When either the traditional or the progressive blinds us to the truth of the Father’s will, may he clear our vision and speak through our prejudices until we are once again open to his changing. May we be, before anything else, his people, sharing his concerns and desires.

  2. We recognise how powerful the influences are in our world which distract many and lead away from the truth. We pray for the quiet whisper of wisdom to be noticed and acknowledge in many lives; we pray for widespread discipline of the heart, a new openness to generosity of spirit.

  3. May our homes and daily schedules be part of the territory of the kingdom, where it is God’s will which guides and his love which rules.

  4. Our hearts rail against the cruelty and unfairness of suffering and disease, and we kneel now alongside all in pain and weep with them, crying out to the Lord for comfort and the healing of his love. That he shares our sorrow gives us the grace to bear it.

  5. As death takes from us those we love and we find it hard to live without them, we pray that we may share with them the Father’s peace over which death has no power at all.

Published on: 10-10-2020