Twenty-Eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time (C) Oct 13th , 2019

  1. We pray that the Church may be healed of all its splits and divisions, and grow towards unity.

  2. May our society be mindful of those who have particular difficulties; may our laws testify to our sense of justice, honour and integrity; may the world’s leaders be wisely advised and honestly motivated.

  3. May the Lord walk in our home with gifts of peace, patience, forgiveness and joy; may he help us through the disappointments and tragedies, and celebrate with us in all our festivities, as our most honoured guest.

  4. We pray for all suffering from leprosy and other infectious and life-threatening diseases; may the Lord give courage to the long-term and chronically ill, and respite to those who are at their wits’ end.

  5. We remember those who have died, and we think of their loved ones, who miss them. May this earthly death be a birth into the eternal joy of heaven.

Published on: 12-10-2019