Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary Time (A) August 16th, 2020

  1. May the worship of the Church throughout the world be attentive and expectant, ready to be set on fire again and again with the outrageous foolishness of loving, without exceptions and without limits.

  2. May all that encourages people in goodness, honesty and compassion be blessed and grow; may all that encourages self-seeking and cruelty, prejudice and deceit wither and to be exposed for its futility. May we learn from one another’s cultures and respect one another’s differences.

  3. We give thanks for the joy of human love, and for all those whom we live and work. We pray particularly for loved ones who worry us with their health, circumstances, or life direction. We pray for those among our friends and families who do not know the Lord, or those faith has been shaken.

  4. We pray for all whose backgrounds make belief in a loving God difficult. We pray for all who suffer mental or emotional anguish and those who despair. We pray for those facing another day of pain, another day of hunger, another day of fear.

  5. May all who have come to the end of this earthly life be gathered into eternal kingdom and rejoice to see the Father as he really is. We remember all whom we love but can longer see, and give thanks for the Father’s overarching love and undergirding faithfulness to us.

Published on: 14-08-2020