Pentecost Sunday – May 23rd, 2021

  1. For the fresh in-breathing of life and power in each church community, which breaks down barriers and sets us on fire with God’s love.

  2. For the grace to see this world and its needs and problems through the eyes of love, hope, justice and mercy; for the grace to abandon prejudice and build bridges of reconciliation.

  3. For the Spirit of loving kindness to fill our homes, schools and places of work; for family rifts to be healed and long-standing conflicts resolved.

  4. For the restoration of those who are sick to wholeness and well-being; for courage and patience in all suffering, and for good to be distilled from every painful, destructive experience.

  5. For God’s merciful judgement on those who have died, and the opportunity for us all to prepare carefully for meeting God face to face.

Published on: 22-05-2021