Passion Sunday – March 28th, 2021

  1. We pray that as a Church we may love God and one another, and go on loving, through insult and praise, through acceptance and rejection, in the sure knowledge that the Lord is our God.

  2. May the kingdoms of this world soak up the values of God’s kingdom; may their leaders and their peoples uphold what is right and just, and establish a social order which is rooted in Godly love.

  3. In all the heartaches and joys of human relationships, may we be governed by selfless love, faithful and forgiving without limit.

  4. May all who suffer come to know the comforting presence and healing power of God’s forgiving love.

  5. We pray for all who are making that last journey of death, that they may be surrounded with God’s peace and rest in his love for ever.

Published on: 27-03-2021