Fourth Sunday of Lent (A) Mar 22, 2020

  1. In our blindness we come to the Lord for insight and perception, for discernment and vision; may we focus our gaze on his glory in constant wonder and praise until we see with his eyes and notice with his love.

  2. Whenever our world is damaged or communities torn apart by prejudice, narrow-mindedness, or the refusal to see injustice or recognise needs, may the Lord anoint eyes and hearts to see with honesty and act with integrity and compassion.

  3. May the Lord help us to see things from different perspectives, and from one another’s viewpoint, so that we learn input as well as output, listening as well as speaking, the joy of giving as well as the humility of receiving; may we reverence one another in all our conversations, both face to face and when discussing those who are absent.

  4. We pray for all who are blind and poorly sighted, that they may be kept safe from danger and enabled to live full lives; we ask that the Lord bless those working to remove cataracts for the poor in the Third World and restore their sight. We pray for those who are spiritually blind; for those blinded by rage and hurt, jealousy or complacency.

  5. We commend to the Lord’s safe-keeping for ever all who have died in faith, and all who have been working in his service though they did not know him by name; as they see him face to face may their joy fill eternity.

Published on: 20-03-2020