Special Announcements

With the coming of the “third wave” of the Covid-19 pandemic, Cardinal John TONG further announced on 27/7/2020 that the <<new pastoral measures>> introduced on Jul 14 are to remain in force until further notice. Our Parish has suspended Sunday and Weekday masses since July 15 and will continue to do so until further notice. The faithful are urged to take part in a Sunday mass online (e.g., through the <<diocesan website>>) and receive Holy Communion spiritually. The Church is open for prayer from 9:00 – 17:00pm.

Fourteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time (A) July 5th, 2020

  1. We pray that the Church may always be open to receive the Father’s love; may we be swept clear of pomposity, complacency or self-righteousness; may we come humbly and simply into his presence and wait on him, knowing our dependence on him, and rejoicing in it.

  2. We pray for all world leaders and their governments; for the strength of authority comes not through force and domination but through co-operation and mutual respect; we pray for greater consideration of the needs of one another and of our planet, and a desire to right past wrongs and injustices.

  3. We pray for a growing maturity in our thinking and our loving that enables us to be childlike; we pray for healing from all the damage that prevents us from growing up; we pray that our children in this church may be helped to grow strong, and we give thanks for all we learn from them.

  4. We pray for all who cry out for rest and relief, all who are carrying terrible burdens that weigh them down, all whose poverty denies them the chance of healing, all whose wealth denies them the chance of knowing their need of the Father’s love.

  5. We pray for those who die unprepared to meet the Lord, and for all who have died recently, both those well known to us and those dying unknown and unnoticed all over the world.

Published on: 04-07-2020