First Sunday of Advent (A)

  1. As we prepare ourselves for the time when Christ comes again in glory, we pray for the grace and honesty to see what needs transforming in our lives as individuals and as members of the Church of God.

  2. May all church leaders, pastors and teachers be directed, inspired and upheld by the living Spirit of God, and May there be a deepening of love and commitment in all Christians the world over.

  3. May the leaders of this nation and all the nations be drawn increasingly to understand God’s ways of justice and righteousness, and be fulfilled with longing to do what is right and honest and good.

  4. May all families on earth be blessed with mutual love and caring consideration of one another; May arguments and misunderstandings be properly resolved, and difficult relationships refreshed and healed.

  5. May those for whom the days and nights creep past in pain or sorrow be given comfort and hope; May the frightened find reassurance and the anxious find peace of mind.

  6. May those who have reached the point of death be given the knowledge of God’s Closeness on that last journey; and May those who have died know the eternal peace and joy of heaven.

Published on: 26-11-2022