Fifth Sunday of Easter (A) May 10, 2020

  1. Through the power of his Spirit, may the Living God build us up into a spiritual temple where he is glorified day after day, in all our praise and worship, and in our love for one another.

  2. May our consciences be sharpened to sense the direction of the Living God; may he protect us from all that draws us away from him. May he guide our leaders in the way of truth and in the values which are build on him.

  3. May the Way which Jesus shows us be the Way we live out our daily lives around the table, in the daylight and the dark, in the misunderstandings, the tensions and the rush, in the eye contact, the conversations and the growing.

  4. We lay before the Living God those who are traveling through a time of pain or anguish, tragedy or conflict which is hard to bear. We stand alongside them in their suffering, and ask that the Lord give them his transforming, healing love.

  5. We remember those who have died and pray for them now. May the Lord lead them out of their pain into the light of eternity, and keep us all in the Way that leads us to share that everlasting life.

Published on: 07-05-2020