Easter Sunday – April 4th, 2021

  1. That the Church of God may be bursting with new life, filled with the love that takes even death in its stride; that the new and mature Christians together, all in their various ministries, may work in God’s strength for the coming kingdom.

  2. That the inhabitants of our planet may recognise God’s glory all around, co-operate in the sharing of his gifts, and cultivate the habit of caring love.

  3. That God will bless our homes and families, our places of work and leisure, with new life and the hope of new possibilities touching the ordinary with beauty and joy.

  4. That all who feel trapped or imprisoned – physically, mentally or spiritually – may feel the stones rolled away and new light pouring into their lives.

  5. That those who have died to this earthly life may find the fullness of God’s eternity, flooded with the light of his love.

Published on: 03-04-2021 (Last modified: 31-03-2021)