Christ The King Solemnity – November 22nd , 2020

  1. In all our ministry as the Church, both laity and clergy, on Sundays and on weekdays, may we give glory to God and further his kingdom. May he direct us to those who are searching and give us the wisdom to know how best to draw them to his love.

  2. May we actively seek to do good, to stand up against injustice and work for peace; May the world be rid of the terrible evils that result from unvoiced objections, and unspoken misgivings. May we have courage to act as true citizens of heaven.

  3. May the way we manage our homes, decisions, time and money be in keeping with our calling as inheritors of the kingdom. May God’s love undergird all our loving.

  4. May the Lord help us to share his work of loving care: to search for the lost, to bring back those who have strayed, to bind up the injured, and to strengthen the weak.

  5. May the Lord welcome into his kingdom all whose lives show them to be his servants, whether or not they have known him by name. May we all be prepared to meet him with the confidence of sins confessed and forgiven.

Published on: 21-11-2020