Baptism of the Lord Feast Jan 12, 2020

  1. We pray to the God of love for all those who are newly baptised, or who have recently found that the Lord is real; we pray for all in ordained and lay ministries, and for those sensing a special calling.

  2. We pray to the God of power for those who are in authority and in positions of influence and responsibility; may they be earthed in humility, courageous in integrity, and mindful of the need to serve.

  3. We call to mind those with whom we share the work and leisure of our life; we pray to the God of mercy for those we treasure and those we battle with, and ask him to breathe into all our relationships the forgiving love which cleanses and heals.

  4. We remember those who are aching today in body, mind or spirit; knowing that nothing is unredeemable, we pray to the God of wholeness that he will bring good even out of these barren places.

  5. We pray to the God of life for those whose earthly lives have ended; we remember those who have died violently and tragically, suddenly and unprepared. We give thanks for lives well lived and for happy memories. May they rest in the eternal peace of heaven.

Published on: 11-01-2020