Infant / Children Baptism

Infants / Children meeting the criteria for this Sacrament could join the church through Infant Baptism. Applicants are advised to read the Diocese’s guidelines on Infant Baptism. For children not meeting the criteria, they could enroll to Sunday School and be further assessed if they are suitable to receive the Sacrament. Please find more here on Sunday School.

Items to note for Infant / children baptism applications

  1. Dates for the 2023 infant / children baptism

    Schedule Date of baptism Application deadline
    First 15/01/2023 (Sun)  18/12/2022
    Second 09/04/2023 (Sun) 19/3/2023
    Third 09/07/2023 (Sun) Will be announced near the time
    Fourth 08/10/2023 (Sun) Will be announced near the time
  2. Infant / children baptism formation gathering

    Both parents (even if one of them is non-Catholic) and godparents MUST attend the pre-baptism formation gatherings scheduled. For English-speaking applicants, please contact the Parish priests for arrangement of the pre-baptism formation gatherings. If any of them could not attend all the gatherings, they need to choose another scheduled date of baptism to ensure all involved have attended the required gatherings.

  3. Godparents

    1. must lead a life of faith in keeping with the role and responsibilities to be undertaken.
    2. must be a Sacramentally Confirmed Catholic who has already received Holy Communion.
    3. should be at least 16 years old.
    4. may not be the mother or father of the child to be baptized.
    5. For those divorced and remarried, they are not qualified unless they have obtained an annulment from the Church.
  4. Christian name

    The parents should choose a Christian name for their child in advance.

  5. Documents to be submitted

    Photocopies of the following MUST be submitted along with the application form:

    • Birth certificate
    • Parent’s marriage certificate
    • Certificate of Baptism (Parents)
    • Certificate of Baptism (Godparents)

==>Download《Infant Baptism Form》

Published on: 28-01-2019 (Last modified: 23-02-2023)