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Please pay attention to (updated 25/2/2020):

==> Watch the “Sunday Mass Webcast

Chancery Notice in view of the Novel Coronavirus Outbreak & the new measures by the Parish (updated 25/2/2020)

  1. Parishioners are advised to read the notice issued on Feb 24, 2020 : <<Further suspension of Masses>> and <<Special arrangements for Lent and Easter Time 2020>>(including Ash Wednesday, Way of the Cross, Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults etc)
  2. HK Catholic Diocesan Liturgy Commission: <<Fasting on Ash Wednesday (26/2) and works of self-denial during Lent>>
  3. Watch the <<Sunday Mass Webcast>>
  4. Invitation to pray << Prayer for Deliverance from the Epidemic (Wuhan Coronavirus Infection) >>
  5. In view of the potential threats, the Parish will be opened daily 09:00 – 17:00 for individual prayers only. Podium outside the Tea Room will be closed. Group gatherings are to be avoided.

Please keep in view of the latest update from the Parish website.

God bless!

Previous Notices issued by the Diocese:

Published on: 05-02-2020 (Last modified: 25-02-2020)