Passion Sunday – March 28th, 2021

  • Holy Week Liturgy schedule
    There will be no mass and distribution of the Holy Communion at 7am on Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Holy Saturday.
    Good Friday – Fast and abstinence are to be observed. Parishioners are reminded to return their Lenten donation boxes to the Church.
    Parishioners are reminded to pay attention to the announcements made in the Parish website on the schedule of the Holy Week Liturgy.

  • Change in Mass schedule
    If public mass could be resumed in April, the Sunday mass schedule would be revised from April to May 17 inclusive, as the Valtorta College Hall would be reserved for the DSE Examination. All Sunday masses would be held in the Church. Masses on Sunday will be held at 7:00am; 9:30am; 10:45am (in Chinese) and at 8:15am; 12:00 noon (in English)

  • Donation support for the Parish
    Due to COVID-19, donations received have been tremendously reduced. Parishioners are invited to continue their support for the Parish. Donations can be dropped into the donation boxes at the Parish Office. Your generous support is much appreciated.

Published on: 27-03-2021