The Parish Executive Council

The Elected Members
Chairperson Paul Wong
Internal Affairs Executive Shirley Ho
External Affairs Executive Danny Lai
Chinese Secretary Eric Lee
Assistant Chinese Secretary Yuki Lee
English Secretary Hector Rivera (Butch)
Exco Member Francis Ngai
Exco Member Tommy Fung
The Appointed Members
Formation Executive: Iris Tam
Assistant Formation Executive: Amy Wong
Liturgy Executive: Elaine Soo

English-speaking Community

Core Group Officers:

Coordinator: Andrea OWEN
Asst. Coordinator: Lea Marie CABALLERO
Secretary: Ludy PEREZ
Treasurer: Philip OWEN
PPC English Representative: Hector RIVERA (Butch)
Altar Servers: Cristine VALDEZ
Choir: Marecris AQUIFLOR
Eucharistic Ministers: Michael LUI
Readers/Commentators: Andrea OWEN
Ushers: Rose QUESADA
Saturday Group: Alex OBCENA
Sunday School: Elizabeth EGIPTO
Social Concern: Zeny AGOJO
Help Desk: Mira GUNDA
Youth Group: Ludy PEREZ
Newsletter Team: Rodelia VILLAR