Special Announcements

(Updated 3/4/2020) Parishioners please pay attention to newly issued notices on New arrangements for opening Churches to the Faithful(2020-3-28)and Pastoral Measures in connection with the COVID-19 Pandemic (2020-3-27) with guidelines on Holy Week.  The Diocese will arrange live webcast of the Holy Week and Easter Liturgy. Our Parish will offer special opening hours during the Holy Week for private worship but parishioners must follow the rules specified.

The Pastoral Team

Parish Priest
Rev. Jean Sylvere Mbuela Pfuti, CICM
Nationality:Democratic Republic of the Congo
Priestly Ordination:2006
Joined Pastoral Team:1st February, 2018

Assistant Parish Priest
Rev. Fr. James Wan
Nationality: Chinese
Priestly Ordination:1964
Joined Pastoral Team:1st December, 2010

Assistant Parish Priest
Rev. Fr. Kantha Rao Gudipudi, PIME
Priestly Ordination:2012
Joined Pastoral Team:1st November, 2019

Assistant Parish Priest
Rev. Fr. Francis Vergara Mahilum, CICM
Priestly Ordination:2017
Joined Pastoral Team:1st February, 2018

Sr. Lucy Chan, SPB
Final Profession:1985
Joined Pastoral Team:1st September, 2009

Sr. Monica Zung Men, FMM
Final Profession:5th December, 2015
Joined Pastoral Team:1st September, 2019

Published on: 28-08-2018 (Last modified: 05-03-2020)