The Pastoral Team

Parish Priest
Rev. Jean Sylvere Mbuela Pfuti, CICM
Nationality:Democratic Republic of the Congo
Priestly Ordination:2006
Joined Pastoral Team:1st February, 2018
Assistant Parish Priest
Rev. Fr. Peter Leung
Priestly Ordination:1972
Joined Pastoral Team:15th January, 2021
Assistant Parish Priest
Rev. Fr. Kantha Rao Gudipudi, PIME
Priestly Ordination:2012
Joined Pastoral Team:1st November, 2019
Assistant Parish Priest
Rev. Joseph Gao Xu, CICM
Priestly Ordination:2021
Joined Pastoral Team:7th May, 2021
Sr. Monica Zung Men, FMM
Final Profession:5th December, 2015
Joined Pastoral Team:1st September, 2019

Published on: 28-08-2018 (Last modified: 04-09-2022)