Parish Council


Assist the Pastoral Team to promote evangelization work and parish activities in accordance with the direction of the Diocese; liaising and coordinating work within various ministries, promoting mutual division of labor and cooperation with a view to encourage parishioners to take on their pastoral role to practice the teaching of the Gospel in the society.

Council meeting

The Council will meet on the second Wednesday evening at 8pm in January, March, May, July, September and November.

The Parish Executive Council

Chairperson Geoffrey WONG
External Affairs Executive Vincent CHU
Internal Affairs Executive Sonia LEE
Secretary Cecilia PANG
Exco Member Paul LAU
Exco Member Kitty WONG
Executive for Laity Continuous Development Jay CHENG
Liturgy Executive Flora LAU
Promotion Jory LAU
English Community Representative Joanne LEE

English-speaking Community

Core Group Officers

Coordinator:Virginia CHENG
Secretary:Mhelanie MILLANO
Treasurer:Rosemarie LOZANO
PPC English Representative:Joanne LEE
Sat Core GroupGlenn BLANCO
** Ministry Coordinators **
Altar Servers (Sat):Emanig Jenny
Altar Servers (Sun):Christine VALDEZ
Readers (Sat):Tinio Janie M
Readers (Sun)Virginia
Choir (Sat):Plenos Miezel T
Choir (Sun):Shirley
Eucharistic Ministers (Sat):Patty Keung
Eucharistic Ministers (Sun):Hector RIVERA
Ushers (Sat):Ganotsi Beatriz
Ushers (Sun):Violy Abesamis
Sunday School:Helen Jose
Youth Group:Ludy PEREZ
Help Desk:Juliet Fellpe
Social Concern:Rosita Tugadi
Newsletter Team:Rodelia VILLAR
Legion of Mary:Margaret MADAR

Published on: 26-08-2018 (Last modified: 09-01-2022)