Parish Donation

Parishioners can make their donations in the following ways:

  1. Collection during mass.
  2. Hand in cash to the Parish Office.
  3. Send cheques to the Parish
    • Make a crossed Cheque payable to “Immaculate Heart of Mary Church”
    • Sent by mail to : 10, Wau Tau Street, Tai Po, N.T.
  4. Deposit to the designated Bank
    • Account Name: Immaculate Heart of Mary Church  (Bank No. 072)
    • Account No.: 712 010 006607
    • Please send the receipt by fax to Fax No. 2654 7748 or email: [email protected]

Parishioners are welcome to donate via monthly auto-pay for continual support of the Parish’s operation and social services.

Charitable donations of $100 and over are exempt from tax. If Receipt is required, please fill in the name of the recipient and the mailing address

Published on: 25-03-2020 (Last modified: 05-03-2022)