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With the coming of the “third wave” of the Covid-19 pandemic, Cardinal John TONG further announced on 27/7/2020 that the <<new pastoral measuresintroduced on Jul 14 are to remain in force until further notice. Our Parish has suspended Sunday and Weekday masses since July 15 and will continue


With the coming of the “third wave” of the Covid-19 pandemic, Cardinal John TONG further announced on 27/7/2020 that the <<new pastoral measures>> introduced on Jul 14 are to remain in force until further notice. Our Parish has suspended Sunday and Weekday masses since July 15 and will continue to do so until further notice. The faithful are urged to take part in a Sunday mass online (e.g., through the <<diocesan website>>) and receive Holy Communion spiritually. The Church is open for prayer from 9:00 – 17:00pm.

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Fifth Sunday of Easter (A) May 10, 2020

  1. Through the power of his Spirit, may the Living God build us up into a spiritual temple where he is glorified day after day, in all our praise and worship, and in our love for one another.

  2. May our consciences be sharpened to sense the direction of the Living God; may he protect us from all that draws us away from him. May he guide our leaders in the way of truth and in the values which are build on him.

  3. May the Way which Jesus shows us be the Way we live out our daily lives around the table, in the daylight and the dark, in the misunderstandings, the tensions and the rush, in the eye contact, the conversations and the growing.

  4. We lay before the Living God those who are traveling through a time of pain or anguish, tragedy or conflict which is hard to bear. We stand alongside them in their suffering, and ask that the Lord give them his transforming, healing love.

  5. We remember those who have died and pray for them now. May the Lord lead them out of their pain into the light of eternity, and keep us all in the Way that leads us to share that everlasting life.

Published on: 07-05-2020

Fourth Sunday of Easter (A) May 3, 2020

  1. We pray to the Good Shepherd of the sheep for the Church; for all congregations, for pastors and all who minister in word and sacrament; we pray particularly for bishops in their shepherding of the world Church. We pray for clear guidance and direction in those issues which disturb us, asking not to be led in the easy way but in the way that is right and good.

  2. We pray to the Good Shepherd of the sheep for the world we inhabit – the world we have inherited and will pass on to successive generations. May he teach us to look after it carefully and wisely, to share its gifts more fairly, and work together to ease its sufferings. May he turn the hearts of those who are excited by evil things and encourage the timid to speak out for what is wholesome and good.

  3. We pray to the Good Shepherd of the sheep for our places of work, our colleagues, friends and neighbors, and the members of our families. We ask not for popularity at all costs, but the grace to do his will and to be his witnesses to what it means to live lovingly, both when this is easy and also when it hurts.

  4. We pray to the Good Shepherd of the sheep for the weak and vulnerable, for those who must live depending on others for every need, and for those who are bullied, or constantly despised. We pray for a greater reverence, one for another, for a greater willingness to uphold and encourage one another; we pray for healing and wholeness.

  5. We pray to the Good Shepherd of the sheep for those who have died; we pray for those who ache with sorrow at their going; we commend them all into his unfailing care which lasts throughout this life and on into eternity.

Published on: 01-05-2020

Third Sunday of Easter (A) Apr 26, 2020

  1. May the Lord walk with us on our journey of faith, both as individuals and as the Church of God; open up to us the truths he longs for us to understand, and inspire all who teach and encourage to pass on the good news of Easter.

  2. May the Lord walk with us down the streets of our cities, towns and villages, drive with us down the motorways and fly with us down the air corridors. May he meet all those who are curious, searching, or moving in the wrong direction. May his presence be sought and recognised in all the world.

  3. May the Lord walk with us in our life journeys, guiding, teaching and correcting us, as we learn the lessons of loving in our homes, our work and our communities.

  4. May the Lord walk with us through the times of suffering and pain, alerting us to one another’s needs and providing for us in whatever ways are best for us. May he help us to trust him through the dark times, and breathe new life and hope into those who are close to despair.

  5. May the Lord walk with us through the valley of death; may our love and prayers support those who walk that journey today. May he draw close to them and welcome them into the joy of heaven.

Published on: 24-04-2020

Second Sunday of Easter (A) Apr 19, 2020

  1. We bring to the Lord the Church in all its richness and all its need; all its diversity and all its division. May he give us a fresh understanding of what it means to live in him; may all of us celebrate the reality of his presence among us, filling us with new life and new hope.

  2. We bring to the Lord all those areas of our lives and our world where there is confusion and bewilderment; may he help us to go beyond our doubts and insecurity, and to experience the joy of his peace.

  3. We bring to the Lord our homes and families, and all the joys and sorrows of our relationships. We ask him to be with us in all we say and do.

  4. We bring to the Lord those whom life has damaged, and all who find it difficult to trust in him; may he give them refreshment and hope, comfort, healing and inner serenity.

  5. We bring to the Lord those who approach death with great fear and those who die unprepared to meet him. May he have mercy on us all, forgive us all that is past and gather us into his everlasting kingdom of peace and joy.

Published on: 17-04-2020

Easter Sunday (A) Apr 12, 2020

  1. We pray that the Church may proclaim with joy the Easter message of hope for the world; may our lives, as well as our worship, testify to the truth of the Resurrection; and may our vision of what is possible through this new life be broadened.

  2. We pray for the world we inhabit; for those who lead, and take important decisions, and for those who follow or are coerced, or who have no voice. We pray for mercy and justice, compassion and integrity. We pray for protection against evil and strengthening of goodness.

  3. We pray for all babies, and those as yet unborn, that they may be born into a world of love and acceptance. We pray, too, for those who provide foster care, and for all children at risk. We pray for all parents and those who support them. We pray for the newly baptised and recently confirmed; for a deeper commitment to supporting one another as we grow in faith.

  4. We pray for those who cannot think, for the pain or anguish which engulfs them; for all whose lives are troubled and insecure; for those who have little energy left to rejoice. May the risen Lord bring healing and the resources to cope with suffering, and give us the grace to carry one another’s burdens in love.

Published on: 09-04-2020

Passion Sunday (Palm Sunday) (A) Apr 5, 2020

  1. If we as the Church are truly to be the Body of Christ, then, standing at the foot of the cross, may we learn what it means to love and keep on loving; to serve and keep on serving.

  2. If the world is ever to see real hope, may the Lord purify and transform our lives and stretch out our arms in loving forgiveness, with no exceptions and no small print, so that we shine as lights in the darkness.

  3. If our workplaces and neighborhoods and homes are to display and respond to his values, then may the Lord make us more fervent in prayer, more courageous in self-discipline and, above all, more loving in reaching out to them.

  4. If the terrible suffering of extreme poverty, injustice and oppression is to be addressed realistically, then may the Lord take away our greed and complacency and our assumptions about appropriate living standards, and teach us sacrificial self-giving of time, energy and resources.

  5. Through the life-giving death of Jesus, may the dying turn to the Father and know his merciful love; may the grieving be comforted, and may we all one day share with those who have died the eternal joy of heaven.

Published on: 03-04-2020

Fifth Sunday of Lent (A) Mar 29, 2020

  1. May God breathe his life into the Church; breathe holiness and deepening faith, breathe energy, inspired teaching and fervent praise; may he unblock the channels and make us more receptive to his gentleness and his power.

  2. May God breathe his life into the universe; breathe caring, honesty and compassion, breathe right values and good stewardship, peace and reconciliation, vision and hope.

  3. May God breathe his life into our homes and places of work; breathe increased patience and understanding, and the courage to live the Christian life, when to do so brings ridicule or demands sacrifice.

  4. May God breathe his life into those who suffer; breathe comfort and wholeness, forgiveness and new confidence, breathe peace of mind and the knowledge of his love.

  5. May God breathe his life into the dead and dying; breathe courage for the journey and the realisation that he can be trusted. May he breathe life that lasts for ever.

Published on: 26-03-2020

Fourth Sunday of Lent (A) Mar 22, 2020

  1. In our blindness we come to the Lord for insight and perception, for discernment and vision; may we focus our gaze on his glory in constant wonder and praise until we see with his eyes and notice with his love.

  2. Whenever our world is damaged or communities torn apart by prejudice, narrow-mindedness, or the refusal to see injustice or recognise needs, may the Lord anoint eyes and hearts to see with honesty and act with integrity and compassion.

  3. May the Lord help us to see things from different perspectives, and from one another’s viewpoint, so that we learn input as well as output, listening as well as speaking, the joy of giving as well as the humility of receiving; may we reverence one another in all our conversations, both face to face and when discussing those who are absent.

  4. We pray for all who are blind and poorly sighted, that they may be kept safe from danger and enabled to live full lives; we ask that the Lord bless those working to remove cataracts for the poor in the Third World and restore their sight. We pray for those who are spiritually blind; for those blinded by rage and hurt, jealousy or complacency.

  5. We commend to the Lord’s safe-keeping for ever all who have died in faith, and all who have been working in his service though they did not know him by name; as they see him face to face may their joy fill eternity.

Published on: 20-03-2020

Third Sunday of Lent (A) Mar 15, 2020

  1. Whenever the Church is dry and parched may the water of the Spirit well up to refresh and renew, to bring life and strong new growth. May the Lord make us more aware of our thirst for him, so that we come to him ready and eager to receive his living water.

  2. From the conflicting needs and agendas of the world we cry for mercy, for a deeper understanding of one another and a greater desire for co-operation and peace. We pray for sensitivity in handling delicate negotiations and the wisdom which respects and listens.

  3. We pray that in all our relationships we may be effective channels of the Lord’s love and forgiveness. May he make us awash with living water so that our homes and places of work, our shipping and leisure centres, our conversations and actions, are always in touch with his renewing power.

  4. We stand alongside all those who are suffering, whether in body, mind or spirit, and long for healing and comfort, for strength for perseverance and for patience in the dark times; we long for the living Spirit to envelop and sustain them.

  5. We pray for those who have come to the end of earthly life. May they, placing their faith in the God of life, share in the light and joy of heaven for ever.

Published on: 13-03-2020

Second Sunday of Lent (A) Mar 8, 2020

  1. We pray that as Christians we may listen more attentively and with greater urgency than ever before to the words of Jesus; that we may be more aware of his presence with us, both in our worship and in our daily ministry, and that we may have the courage to live out his truth with joy.

  2. We pray for those who do not know the Lord or dismiss him as irrelevant to their lives; we pray for those who influence and encourage others in what is evil, destructive or depraved, and ask that the Lord give protection to all who are vulnerable and in danger.

  3. We pray for all who are adjusting to new relationships in the family, new homes or new work and leisure patterns; we pray for stronger root growth in the Lord, so that we are not thrown by the changes and troubles of everyday life, knowing the reality of his faithfulness.

  4. We pray for all who are too exhausted or overwhelmed by circumstances and pressures to be able to pray; may the Lord surround all those who are troubled and heavily laden with the revitalising assurance of your presence, his understanding and his love.

  5. We pray that those who have gone through death may know the brightness of everlasting life; may we, with them, come to experience the glory and joy of heaven.

Published on: 07-03-2020