Special Announcements

According to the “Diocesan Pastoral Guidelines on the resumption of public masses, group gatherings and Holy Week Liturgy“ issued on 30/3/2021, the Parish will resume public mass from 1/4/2021. From 1/4 – 17/5, the Valtorta College Hall would be used for DSE Exam. All Sunday masses would be held in the Church. Masses on Sunday will be held at 7:00am; 9:30am; 10:45am (in Chinese) and at 8:15am; 12:00 noon (in English). Click <here> for details.   


According to the “Diocesan Pastoral Guidelines on the resumption of public masses, group gatherings and Holy Week Liturgy“ issued on 30/3/2021, the Parish will resume public mass from 1/4/2021. From 1/4 – 17/5, the Valtorta College Hall would be used for DSE Exam. All Sunday masses would be held in the Church. Masses on Sunday will be held at 7:00am; 9:30am; 10:45am (in Chinese) and at 8:15am; 12:00 noon (in English). Click <here> for details.   

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Second Sunday of Lent – February 28th, 2021

  1. That in focusing our lives and our worship on God we may increasingly reflect his love and brightness so that others are drawn to worship him.

  2. That the world’s leaders may be committed to alleviating unnecessary suffering and working co-operatively for the good of all who inhabit this planet.

  3. That every word we speak and every meeting we arrange may further the building of God’s kingdom.

  4. That all who suffer, whether physically, spiritually, mentally or emotionally, may know the comfort, healing and transforming of God’s love.

  5. That those who have died to this earthly life may share in the glory of heaven.

Published on: 27-02-2021

First Sunday of Lent – February 21st, 2021

  1. As we come before God with all our muddled priorities and conflicting agendas, we pray that we may be made whole as the Body of Christ; that we may have the strength to renounce evil, and the courage to announce the kingdom of peace.

  2. With the world’s clamour ringing in our ears, with comfort zones beckoning us, but the pain of injustice refusing to be shut out, we pray for the world’s healing, and for an end to all lying and deceit.

  3. We come with the demands of home, family, work and expectations warring in us for space and attention. We pray on behalf of those too busy or too exhausted to pray; that our daily lives may be washed in peace, ordered in holiness and lit up with joy.

  4. We come with the needs and sorrows, pain and suffering of our brothers and sisters all over the world, who are aching – physically, emotionally or spiritually; we pray that they may be touched by God’s comforting and healing love.

  5. In this Lenten season, we come to realign our lives in the context of eternity, and to commend to God’s love our own loved ones who have passed through earthly death to the life which has no ending.

Published on: 20-02-2021

Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time (B) – February 14th, 2021

  1. The God of humility, in his desire to save us, was willing to share our human brokenness, as the Body of Christ, may the Church share that willingness to be vulnerable in order to serve in love.

  2. God’s power and authority is gracious and merciful; may all those with authority in our world be inspired to act with mercy and compassion, so that the way may be opened for the kingdom to be established.

  3. May we all have the strength to drive far from our homes and communities all rejection and devaluing, all justification for barriers; and may we have the courage to reach out in love.

  4. May God’s compassion shock us into seeing more clearly the ache of those whom society rejects and overlooks; the wounds of the discarded and socially embracing. May we reach out where others turn away.

  5. We remember those who, healed for ever, live with God in the fullness of life. We pray that we too may come to share the life which has no ending.

Published on: 16-02-2021

Fifth Sunday in Ordinary time – February 7th, 2021

  1. Wherever the sparkle of our vision has dulled, may the Lord set us glowing once again at the very thought of him; may he restore our longing to draw closer to him until our lives reflect his shining.

  2. Whenever important and far-reaching decisions need to be made, wherever wrongs need righting and justice needs to be restored, we pray for the holy breath of wisdom and integrity.

  3. Wherever ongoing family conflicts need resolving, whenever communication has broken down, we pray for the capacity for unconditional loving, and appreciation of every ‘other’ as another child of the Father’s creating.

  4. Whenever there is pain and suffering, whether physical, emotional, mental or spiritual, we pray for a fulsome and holy healing, and ask for the courage and strength to make ourselves available and ready to help.

  5. As we call to mind those who have recently died, we pray for them, that in their dying they may find the greatest healing of all, as they come into the Father’s holy presence for ever.

Published on: 06-02-2021

Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time (B) — Jan 31st, 2021

  1. May the whole Church honour and glorify God’s holy name in daily lives, private prayer and public worship.

  2. May the whole world resound with God’s truth, activate his compassion, and be soaked in his peace.

  3. May all homes and households make plenty of room for kindness and forgiveness; clear the clutter of discontent, and make us more thankful.

  4. May all who ache with sadness or physical pain be comforted and cherished by God’s love for them.

  5. May the dying be surrounded with our prayers, and those who have passed beyond death remain safe for ever in God’s keeping.

Published on: 30-01-2021

Third Sunday in Ordinary Time (B) – Jan 24th, 2021

  1. We thank God for all who have worked to spread the good news in every generation, so that we have been able to hear it. May we, too, be faithful in passing on the Gospel of God’s love and forgiveness.

  2. We thank God for all who have answered the call to repentance. We pray for all peacemakers and those striving to establish justice, breaking the cycle of revenge with forgiveness.

  3. We thank God for every resolved conflict, every heartfelt apology and all open-hearted forgiveness. We pray for all whom we have wronged and those who have wronged us.

  4. We thank God for the strength and wholeness he brings us, and pray for all who are suffering. May they be healed and comforted, and may our hands be ready to carry our God’s loving care.

  5. We thank God for lives well lived;; for the example of those who have died in his friendship. May the come to know the joy of heaven.

Published on: 23-01-2021

Second Sunday in Ordinary Time (B) – Jan 17th, 2021

  1. We pray for deeper faith among Christians, and a readiness to respond to God’s calling. For those being called to particular ministries and those called to change their way of living, we pray for courage, grace to obey.

  2. We pray for all who feel pressurised to conform to wrong values in order to be accepted; for a commitment to fight evil and cultivate good in our world.

  3. We pray for the households of this parish and God’s indwelling there; for guidance in everyday decisions and times of crisis.

  4. We pray for the weak, the vulnerable, the weary and the desolated; for those entrenched in sin and endangering others.

  5. We pray for those who have died in God’s friendship, and give thanks for their lives. May they be called into the light of heaven.

Published on: 16-01-2021

The Baptism of the Lord Feast – Jan 10th, 2021

  1. We pray that the Spirit may fill the Church with such joy in believing that all Christians overflow with love, compassion, generosity and humility.

  2. May God’s power and justice fill the arenas of leadership and conflict with sharpened consciences and with courage, so that wise decisions are made, needs met and wrongs righted.

  3. May God’s gentleness and truth fill every home with new insight and greater understanding. Break down the divisive barriers and build up our capacity to love.

  4. May God’s attentive caring fill us with practical compassion; may all who suffer be heard, comforted and cared for. May there be healing for both their situation and our hardness of heart.

  5. May God unending being fill death with life and the dying with hope. May we all be prepared for life which lasts for ever.

Published on: 09-01-2021

Epiphany – Jan 3rd, 2021

  1. We thank God for all those who brought the good news of Jesus to us, and all who nourish our faith today. We pray that the whole people of God may work in unity and openness for the coming of God’s kingdom.

  2. We thank God that salvation is for all people, and pray for a just and accepting world where none is rejected, despised or treated with contempt.

  3. We thank God for the privilege of parenting and of living in communities; we pray that our homes and churches may be welcoming and generous-hearted.

  4. We thank God for all who are with such thoughtfulness and practical loving for those who are vulnerable, and especially for the very young. We pray for healing and wholeness, peace of mind, protection and hope.

  5. We thank God for all who have reached the end of their earthly journey in faith, that they may be welcomed into eternity. May we use the time left to us here as good stewards of God’ gifts.

Published on: 02-01-2021

The Holy Family – Dec 27th, 2020

  1. We pray that our church communities may reflect the love and mutual care shown to us in the example of the Holy Family; that we may recognise our responsibility to provide spiritual nurture for our young.

  2. We pray for all parents and children, that our laws and structures of society may uphold and support them. We pray for the very poor and those who struggle to survive.

  3. We pray for the families we know well, especially those with conflicts or pressures; may the Holy Spirit protect them so that each family member may know they are loved and grow in love themselves.

  4. We pray for all refugees and war-torn families; for all children at risk of abuse, and all families where there is violence. We pray that the Spirit may bring hope, healing and transformation.

  5. We pray for those who have died and for their families who mourn them. May they receive a merciful judgement and experience the unending peace of heaven.

Published on: 26-12-2020