Second Sunday in Ordinary time (A) Jan 19, 2020

  1. We pray that the Lord may make himself known to the people who come into our churches, or who pass by and sometimes wonder, but have not yet come in; may we be better bearers of his life to those who need him but have never met him.

  2. As the world lurches from crisis to crisis, and there is much misleading and misdirecting, we pray that the Lord may help us recover the natural sense of what is right and just, honest and good, so that our hearts are inclined to hear the voice of his leading and respond to it.

  3. We pray that the Lord will help us to take more seriously our responsibility of helping one another forward into faith, as brothers and sisters; we pray for those in our own families whom we would love to bring to know Lord, and for those who have drifted away.

  4. There are some who are going through very distressing, painful and worrying times. We stand alongside them now, and ask the Lord to give them his comfort, reassurance, healing and peace of mind.

  5. Even as we pray now, there are those journeying through death. We pray for them, for all who have recently died, and for all those left without their loved ones, grieving, or numbed with shock.

Published on: 18-01-2020

Baptism of the Lord Feast Jan 12, 2020

  1. We pray to the God of love for all those who are newly baptised, or who have recently found that the Lord is real; we pray for all in ordained and lay ministries, and for those sensing a special calling.

  2. We pray to the God of power for those who are in authority and in positions of influence and responsibility; may they be earthed in humility, courageous in integrity, and mindful of the need to serve.

  3. We call to mind those with whom we share the work and leisure of our life; we pray to the God of mercy for those we treasure and those we battle with, and ask him to breathe into all our relationships the forgiving love which cleanses and heals.

  4. We remember those who are aching today in body, mind or spirit; knowing that nothing is unredeemable, we pray to the God of wholeness that he will bring good even out of these barren places.

  5. We pray to the God of life for those whose earthly lives have ended; we remember those who have died violently and tragically, suddenly and unprepared. We give thanks for lives well lived and for happy memories. May they rest in the eternal peace of heaven.

Published on: 11-01-2020

Epiphany Solemnity Jan 5, 2020

  1. We pray that the worldwide Church may always be ready to travel in the way of the Lord and in his direction.

  2. We pray for the nations as they lives through conflicts and struggle with identity. We long for all peoples to acknowledge the true and living God.

  3. We pray for the families and the streets we represent, asking for a spirit of generous love, understanding and mutual respect.

  4. We pray for all who are finding their way tedious, lonely or frightening at the moment; for those who have lost their way and do not know what to do for the best.

  5. We pray for those who have come to the end of their earthly journey, and for those who have died unprepared.

Published on: 04-01-2020

The Holy Family (A) Dec 29, 2019

  1. As we celebrate Christmas, when the Word of God became flesh, we pray for the Church, the Body of Christ. May we be so filled with God’s loving life that our actions touch the world with hope which lasts even when Christmas decorations are put away.

  2. As the world is reminded of love and peace in the words of the carols, may the reality of a God who loves us so much transform our social and political thinking, and energise our plans and negotiations.

  3. As Christmas brings together family members and friends, and we make contact with those we seldom meet, may all our relationships be nourished with love and forgiveness, and may we value one another more.

  4. We remember all who are forces to escape from their homes, and live without security; we think particularly of those with young children who are homeless or in danger.

  5. We pray for those earthly journey has come to an end, and those who have tended them during their dying; we pray for those who have died through violence, and for those who have much to forgive.

Published on: 28-12-2019

Fourth Sunday of Advent (A) Dec 22, 2019

  1. We long for our Church, in its life and activity, to be attentive to the Lord, and ready to go wherever he suggests. May he show us the work of the Church from his point of view, and develop our will to co-operate.

  2. We pray with longing for the kingdom to come in our world, and to flood with truth and love the disillusion, hopelessness and terror which traps the human spirit and chokes its potential joy.

  3. We pray that the Lord will come into the daily relationships we so easily take for granted, and enable us to value one another, delighting in one another’s richness, and responding to one another’s needs with love.

  4. The Lord knows the need and pain of those we love and worry about. As he looks after them, may he give them the sense of his caring presence to uphold and sustain them.

  5. For us death can seem so cruel; we ask for a better understanding of eternity. May the Lord gather into his kingdom all those whose earthly journey has come to an end.

Published on: 21-12-2019

Third Sunday of Advent (A) Dec 15, 2019

  1. The church is so full of possibility and yet so vulnerable; it is so urgently needed by our world and yet often so weak; We pray that the Lord may strengthen each member of the body, and increase our sense of expectation so that we live with your life.

  2. In our constant changing world, with its shifting values and fragile ecological balance, may we be rooted deeply in the Lord’s unchanging nature of mercy, goodness, faithfulness and love.

  3. May we welcome the Lord into our homes, our streets, and our communities; where we are blind to his presence, may he gives us sight; in the ordinary and the remarkable, help us to recognise our true and living God.

  4. With God-given love we bring to mind those who are suffering physically, spiritually or emotionally, that they may find the Lord there beside them in these dark and painful times.

  5. We pray that the Lord, to whom eternity is natural, may help us to realise that time is not the whole story, and welcome into his kingdom those who have lived this life in his company and have now passed through death; may he comfort those of us here whose hearts are heavy with grieving.

Published on: 14-12-2019

Second Sunday of Advent (A) Dec 8, 2019

  1. In gratitude for all those who remind us to be kind and loving by their words and example, we pray for the Church throughout the world and for our own community, that we may be ready to welcome the Lord and put right whatever blocks us from his love.

  2. We pray that the lines of communication between people and nations may be kept open, respected and honoured, and that where communication has broken down there may be a new desire for healing.

  3. We pray for those we see and talk to every day or every week; for those we often argue with or misunderstand; for those who brighten our lives and make us smile; for a greater thankfulness and appreciation of those we usually take for granted.

  4. We pray for those we have hurt or upset; for those who feel isolated and alone; for the ill, the frail, the stressed and the bitter.

  5. We pray for the dying and those who have died to this earthly life, May they know the eternal peace of heaven, and may those who miss them be comforted.

Published on: 07-12-2019

First Sunday of Advent (A) Dec 1, 2019

  1. As we prepare ourselves for the time when Christ comes again in glory, we pray for the grace and honesty to see what needs transforming in our lives as individuals and as members of the Church of God.

  2. May all church leaders, pastors and teachers be directed, inspired and upheld by the living Spirit of God, and may there be a deepening of love and commitment in all Christians the world over.

  3. May the leaders if this nation and of all the nations be drawn increasingly to understand God’s ways of justice and righteousness, and be filled with the longing to do what is right and honest and good.

  4. May all families on earth be blessed with mutual love and caring consideration one of another; may arguments and misunderstandings be properly resolved, and difficult relationships refreshed and healed.

  5. May those who have reached the point of death be given the knowledge of God’s closeness on that last journey; and may those who have died know the eternal peace and joy of heaven.

Published on: 30-11-2019

Christ The King Solemnity (C) Nov 24th, 2019

  1. As we celebrate Jesus, the head of the Church body, we pray for all the members with their various gifts and ministries; we pray that even our weaknesses can be used for the glory of God and for the good of the world.

  2. May all monarchs and heads of state be led in ways of truth and righteousness, and recognise with humility that they are called to serve. We pray for all shepherds, rescue teams and trouble-shooters; for all who work to recover the lost.

  3. May we reach out to one another with greater love and better understanding; we pray for our homes, our relatives, our neighbours and our friends, particularly those who do not yet realise the extent of God’s love for them.

  4. May those who have been scattered far from their homes and loved ones be enabled to live again in peace and happiness; may the bitter and resentful find hope again and the confused find new direction.

  5. May the dying know the closeness of God, and those who mourn their loved ones know for certain that God’s kingdom stretches across both sides of death.

Published on: 23-11-2019 (Last modified: 26-11-2019)

Thirty Third Sunday in Ordinary Time (C) Nov 17, 2019

  1. We pray particularly for those whose faith is being battered and those who no longer pray; we pray that our faith may be deepened and strengthened.

  2. We pray for those whose responsibility it is to manage the world’s economy, and for those who have difficult ethical decisions to make; we pray for wisdom and courage to do what is right.

  3. We pray for the world our children will inherit and ask blessings on all parents and the responsibilities they face; we ask for understanding, maturity, and the gift of laughter.

  4. We pray for the victims of disasters, famines, earthquakes and plagues; and all who are crying and those who have no tears left. We pray for comfort, renewed strength, and available friends.

  5. We pray for those who are nearing death and those who have died; especially we pray for those who have died suddenly and unprepared. We pray for mercy and forgiveness.

Published on: 16-11-2019 (Last modified: 19-11-2019)