Palm Sunday

  1. For all Christians called to hope in the power of Jesus’ cross and witness to his resurrection; and for all clergy who will lead us in prayer during this Holy Week. Give us a true experience of the paschal mystery. We pray.

  2. For leaders of governments, that they may govern and lead the people entrusted to their care, upholding the values of truth, justice and human dignity. We pray.

  3. For all health care providers and first responders in situations of pandemics and other calamities, that they may enjoy good health, peace of mind and generosity of heart. We pray.

  4. For the physical and spiritual welfare of all our parishioners, that this Holy week celebrations will bring us an abundance of blessings. We pray.

  5. Let us pause in silence now and pray for our personal intentions.

Published on: 01-04-2023

The Fifth Sunday Of Lent

  1. For the Pope, bishops, priests and religious that after the example of Jesus, they too may be sensitive to every sorrow of their people and do their best for their good, we pray.

  2. For all those in distress at this very moment, that they may turn to Christ for consolation and comfort, never doubting God’s love, we pray.

  3. For our Christian community that sincere mutual love may render us a true family, a home where Jesus comes gladly week after week at our Sunday service, we pray.

  4. For all of us present here, as Jesus raised Lazarus from the tomb, we may realise the power of the Holy Spirit within us, and that without him nothing has life, we pray.

  5. Let us now pause in silence and pray for our personal intentions.

Published on: 25-03-2023

Fourth Sunday Of Lent

  1. For the Church and her leaders; that she may, through introspection and outreach, be the bearer of the light of Christ, illuminating the darkness of our world, we pray.

  2. For governments around the world: that they may seek to banish the darkness of poverty, sickness, hunger and disease through proper and selfless legislation, we pray.

  3. For all Christians: that setting aside prejudice and judgement, we may recognise the face of Christ in everyone we meet and seek His presence in every situation, we pray.

  4. For those preparing for Baptism: that their life may bear witness to Jesus who called them out of darkness into His marvellous light, we pray.

  5. Let us pause in silence now and pray for our intentions.

Published on: 18-03-2023

Third Sunday of Lent

  1. For our Holy Father, our bishops, priests and catechists, that through their ministry of proclamation and life-witness, they may help the faithful to repent and be transformed, we pray.

  2. For all Christians who conceal their sin within and suffer. May the spring of water from the well of salvation cleanse them so as to lead them to repentance and baptism in the Spirit, we pray.

  3. For all those who are addicted to electronic instruments and the internet to find happiness. May they realise that the true source of happiness is found in Jesus who offers them the living water, we pray.

  4. For all women involved in the field of evangelisation, that they experience Jesus personally in their life like the Samaritan woman. May they be gifted with the profound experience of Jesus’ love and compassion, we pray.

  5. Let us pause in silence now and for our personal intentions.

Published on: 11-03-2023

Second Sunday of Lent

  1. For the Pope, bishop and clergy and religious, that they may follow the teachings of the Lord faithfully in this holy season of Lent and lead others to an experience of inner change, we pray.

  2. For the world: that we may become aware and reach out to the suffering people in our world as they struggle to survive in the hopeless situations resulting from war, famine and natural calamities, we pray.

  3. For our parish, that we may make use of this season of Lent to grow in our spiritual life and be instruments of mercy and compassion towards others, we pray.

  4. For the sick, the elderly, the lonely and those with special needs, that they may find joy, peace and consolation in Jesus, the beloved Son of the Father and our Saviour, we pray.

  5. Let us now pause in silence and pray for our personal intentions.

Published on: 04-03-2023

First Sunday of Lent (A)

  1. As the Church begins this season of Lent May the Lord reminds us of what is important and what is not; of where we are wandering away and what we need to change; so that by Easter we will be renewed and strengthened for service in the world. We pray.

  2. The world’s misery and pain and desperate need of healing are clear to see and affect us all. We pray now for this damaged world with all its weaknesses, longings and failings, with all its potential and hope. We pray.

  3. Whenever a child is born we celebrate the hope of God. We pray for all being born this week and for their families and communities, that all our children may be loved and cared for, safe and happy. We pray.

  4. We pray for all who suffer through others’ sin; all victims of abuse or oppression or apathy; all whose adult lives are distorted by early damaging experiences which need God’s healing love. We pray.

  5. We remember those who, freed from the ageing and pain of their bodies, can live now with the Lord in the peace and joy of heaven. We pray.

Published on: 25-02-2023

Seventh Sunday in Ordinary (A)

  1. For the Church, the body of Christ, and all her members that everyone may have the holiness and May shine out in the world to be witnesses of universal love. Let us pray.

  2. For the powerful and the influential people, that they may be open to receive the grace to understand God’s wisdom, and commit themselves to justice, peace and charity. Let us pray.

  3. For all doctors, nurses and healthcare workers that they be the instruments of God’s love, care and compassion towards the needy people. Let us pray.

  4. For all those who are suffering and heavily burdened with unbearable difficulties and problems, that the Lord may touch them with His healing hands and redeem them from damnation, so that they may experience the compassion and love of God. Let us pray.

  5. For all who have died, that they may experience the fullness of life in heaven. May their life inspire us to lead our life meaningfully. Let us pray.

Published on: 18-02-2023

Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time (A)

  1. For the Church, that all who lead and guide us in our faith may be examples of true witness to Christ’s compassion for all, we pray…

  2. For peace in the world, that God will turn the hearts of those who choose injustice or persecution away from sin to life and love, we pray…

  3. For all teachers and those who impart the gift of knowledge to others, that their labours may be blessed and renowned with greater insights and wisdom to the students, we pray…

  4. For those who are subjected to the sufferings of injustice, inequality, racism and oppression, that all humans may unite in working for and establishing harmony and peace, we pray…

  5. 5. For our parish community, as we gather for the Eucharistic celebration, may we be reconciled and united with one another and with God, we pray…

Published on: 12-02-2023

Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time (A)

  1. For our Pope, bishops and clergy that they may shine in the world as light that enlightens others and flavour that gives hope and joy to others through their own life of Christian witnessing, we pray to the Lord.

  2. For those consecrated to the service of God as religious men and women, that they may, like St Paul, courageously bear witness to Christ and be instruments of conversion and change, we pray to the Lord.

  3. For medical personnel all over the world, that they may be blessed with true wisdom, courage and strength, in their endeavour to care for the physical and spiritual well-being of those they treat, we pray to the Lord.

  4. For the poor, the marginalised, the under privileged, the exploited and the needy, that they may find comfort, consolation and a pathway to a better standard of life through the generosity of others, we pray to the Lord.

  5. For all of us participating in this Eucharistic celebration, that we may live our Eucharist by reaching out to the needy in compassion, generosity and kindness, we pray to the Lord.

Published on: 04-02-2023

Fourth Sunday In Ordinary Time

  1. For our Holy Father, bishops, priests and religious that they may be kind and compassionate to their flock as messengers of peace and harmony. Let us pray…

  2. For our Christian community, that we may be grateful to God for the gifts of faith, forgiveness and healing. Let us pray…

  3. For each one of us present in this Eucharist assembly, that remembering our own weaknesses, we may be generous in forgiving the offences of others. Let us pray…

  4. For Christians who are persecuted all over the world, that they may persevere in their faith, be filled with God’s joy and keep in mind the great reward that awaits them in heaven. Let us pray…

  5. For all men and women, that, they may put their trust in God alone, who can bring them into his kingdom. Let us pray…

Published on: 28-01-2023