Nineteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time – August 7th, 2022

  1. The Father knows both our gifts as a congregation and the needs of those in this parish; we ask him to bless our ministry in this place, to strengthen and encourage all Church leaders and to deepen our faith and sure hope. We pray.

  2. We pray that the Father may heal our nation and all the nations of what is in the past and still corrode the present, so that we may build on good foundations and learn to govern ourselves with honesty, respect for one another and sensitivity to needs. We pray.

  3. We pray that the Father may be present in the daily living of our homes and in all our relationships, and make us more trustworthy in our friendships, and strengthen our resolve to live our faith in action. We pray.

  4. We call to mind all whose capacity to trust has been damaged; for those who are victims of injustice or corruption; for the very young and the very old, the frail, the vulnerable and the bereaved. We pray.

  5. We remember those who have completed their earthly life in faith and have now seen the Lord face to face. May they know the peace of eternity; we too look forward to sharing that life of joy. We pray.

Published on: 06-08-2022

Eighteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time – July 31st, 2022

  1. We pray for all those who give to support the work of the Church; May the Lord bless our giving, guide our spending, and help us to value the true wealth of his abundant love.

  2. We pray for the world’s economy; for fair management and distribution of resources; for fair trade and just wages; for greater awareness and concern about injustice; for a commitment to our responsibilities as planet-sharers and earth-dwellers.

  3. We pray for all parents with young children; may they be blessed and guided in their parenting; we pray for families in debt; for those whose homes have been repossessed, and those whose financial security makes them forgetful of God’s love.

  4. We pray for those who are burdened with financial worries and all who struggle to make ends meet, all over the world; we pray for the emotionally and spiritually bankrupt, and those who do not yet know God’s love for them.

  5. We pray for those who have died, and those on that last journey at this moment; for a merciful judgement and the everlasting joy of heaven.

Published on: 30-07-2022

Seventeenth Sunday in Ordinary Time – July 24th, 2022

  1. We pray for all who uphold and teach the faith, for young Christians in schools and universities, for Christians witnessing to their faith at work, for all in danger of persecution. We pray for strength and courage.

  2. We pray for discernment and wisdom as we strive for international cooperation in managing the world’s resources; for perseverance as we work towards peace and reconciliation.

  3. We pray for the good sense in our family and community life that knows the difference between generosity and indulgence, between lenience and neglect of responsibility.

  4. We pray for all victims of abuse and tyranny, for all who suffer long-term effects of torture, war or disease; we pray for the grace to forgive, and for healing of body, mind and spirit.

  5. We pray for those who have died, and particularly for those who have no one to mourn their going; for those who have died unnoticed. We pray that they may Rest In Peace for ever.

Published on: 23-07-2022

Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time – July 17th, 2022

  1. We pray to the Lord that he may continue to pour out his gifts on the Church, so that many may be saved and our faith may grow strong and bear much fruit.

  2. We pray to the Lord that he may look with mercy on the conflicts of our world; that we may realign our values and goals until they are in line with his will, and our laws and expectations reflect his justice and love.

  3. We pray to the Lord that he may bless our homes and families and all our neighbors and friends; may we listen to one another with full attention, and recognize one another’s gifts.

  4. We pray to the Lord that he may encourage the hesitant, curb the overpowering, heal the sick, refresh the exhausted, open the eyes of the complacent, and comfort all who are sad.

  5. We pray to the Lord that he may welcome into eternity all those who have died in faith; may we in our turn share with them the joy of living in his peace for ever.

Published on: 16-07-2022

Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time – July 10, 2022

  1. We pray that as Christians we may take to heart the need to walk the talk, and live out what we profess. We pray that nothing may get so important to us that it pushes God’s values aside.

  2. We pray that those in authority and power do not lose touch with the needs of those they serve, so that the poor and oppressed and vulnerable are always given value and respect.

  3. We pray for those in our families whom we love and have hurt or upset; we pray too for those who have hurt or upset us, and ask for God’s reconciliation and healing.

  4. We pray for those who have lost hope of being rescued, noticed or valued; for complacent who cannot see their poverty, for the prejudiced who mistake blindness for sight.

  5. We pray for our loved ones who have reached the moment of death; we give thanks for the example of their lives and commend them all to God’s safekeeping.

Published on: 09-07-2022

Fourteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time – July 3rd, 2022

  1. We pray for more workers together in the harvest of the kingdom; for our churches to be places of welcome and wholesome spiritual nurture.

  2. We pray for our nation and the nations of the world; for an upholding of godly principles and just laws, for reconciliation, peace and mutual co-operation.

  3. We pray for those among our families and friends who have no idea of the new life the Lord offers; we pray for them to discover him so they may share the joy of living in his love.

  4. We pray for those who are suffering, for those disfigured by disease or accidents, for the lonely, the confused and the outcasts.

  5. We pray for the dying, and their loved ones, for those who have passed through death, and the families and friends who miss them. May they be surrounded by the Father’s everlasting love.

Published on: 02-07-2022

Immaculate Heart of BVM Memorial

  1. We give thanks for this church building and the privilege of worshipping without fear. We give thanks for all who have prayed and ministered here, and ask that the Lord will keep us attentive to his voice, worshipping him in spirit and in truth.

  2. We pray for this area and its problems, for all who live, work and raise their families here. We give thanks for all that is good and hopeful, and ask the Lord to bless and guide those in authority.

  3. May the homes we represent and all the homes of this parish be filled with light and love, warmth and welcome, comfort and peace.

  4. May all who come to this place in distress of body or soul find here healing and refreshment, and be touched with the beauty of God’s holiness.

  5. We commend to the Father’s love all those who have worshipped here in the past, both those we remember and those known only by him.

Published on: 25-06-2022

Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ Solemnity – June 19th, 2022

  1. As we celebrate Christ’s sacramental presence among us, we rejoice that we can feed on him and be nourished with his life. We pray that the people of God in every part of the world may grow in holiness and love.

  2. We pray for those who know deep spiritual hunger and for the spiritually complacent; for a world where loneliness and fear distrust Christ’s promise of hope; for the kingdom of God to come.

  3. We pray through our feeding the communities we live and work in may be blessed and nourished; that our homes may be places of prayer, and that we may have the courage to be vulnerable.

  4. We pray for all who receive Communion in hospital or in their own homes; that they may find strength and healing through encountering Christ’s love.

  5. We pray for those whose earthly lives have come to an end, that in God’s eternity they may find lasting peace and joy.

Published on: 18-06-2022

Trinity Sunday – June 12th, 2022

  1. We pray for all theologians and those who teach the faith throughout the Church. We pray for godly wisdom and human insight.

  2. We pray for peace and cooperation, harmony and mutual respect in all our dealings with one another locally, nationally and internationally.

  3. We pray for those who depend on us, and those on whom we depend, for our physical and spiritual needs. May we be enabled to honour one another as children of God’s making.

  4. We pray for those who feel fragmented; and for those forced to live apart from loved ones through war, political unrest, natural disasters or poverty. We commend their pain to the comforting of the Spirit.

  5. We remember those who told us of God through their words and lives; we think of those who have died in faith and ask that we may share with them the joy of God’s presence for ever.

Published on: 10-06-2022

Pentecost – June 5th, 2022

  1. May all Church leaders, ordained ministers and the laity be filled to overflowing with love for all God’s people, and kindled with fresh zeal for spreading the good news of the Gospel.
  2. May all those negotiating for peace in the delicate areas of national conflict, industrial disputes and entrenched bitterness, be blessed with the peace of God, tranquil and patient beneath the pressures.
  3. In our homes and places of work, our schools and hospitals, may there always be time for the warmth of loving concern and the comfort of being valued.
  4. May all rescue workers be strengthened and kept safe; May all who are trapped in damaged bodies or minds, be brought to freedom and safety and be aware of God’s love for them.
  5. We pray for those who have died and all who mourn their going; May the fears of the dying be calmed.

Published on: 04-06-2022