All Saints Solemnity – November 1st, 2020

  1. As we celebrate the lives of those Church members who have shone with the brightness of love, we ask that the Lord may refresh our commitment and conscious awareness of our need for him in this parish and as individual Christians.

  2. May the kingdom of love and peace be established in this world and grow. We pray for both the influential and the ignored, both the popular and the disliked, both the ambitious and the vulnerable. May the Lord teach us all his ways and his values.

  3. We call to mind our families and friends, neighbours and colleagues, giving thanks for all the loving care and forgiveness the Lord has shown them, and we ask him to shine his light in all areas of hurt and misunderstanding.

  4. We bring to the God of healing those whose lives are darkened by pain, fear or weariness. May he come to our aid, help us to bear what must be carried, and take from us all resentment and bitterness, replacing it with the abundance of peace.

  5. We thank the eternal God for all the saints – those recognised by the Church and those known only to a few, and to him. We rejoice that they live in heaven with every tear wiped away. May all who have died in the friendship of the Lord know his mercy and lasting peace.

Published on: 31-10-2020

Thirtieth Sunday in Ordinary Time – Oct 25th, 2020

  1. We pray for the courage to tell out God’s truth without fear, and to work for his kingdom with joy. In gratitude for the support and love of other Christians, and for the richness of our varied traditions, may we focus our attention on the Lord with such love that all unnecessary divisions between us crumble.

  2. We pray for our law makers and keepers; may our laws work to uphold what is just and true. We pray that we may live in godly peace and goodwill through choice, rather than through fear of punishment; through the desire to live well, rather than avoiding detection.

  3. In all our day-to-day living may we reject deceit and flattery, so that our motives and behaviour are honest, and our love for one another clears as the day.

  4. We pray for all law breakers and their families; for those returning to the community. We pray for those imprisoned by guilt or shame, or trapped by physical frailty, illness or paralysis. We pray for those whose lives are tragically disrupted by war and famine, poverty and disease.

  5. We remember those who, dying in faith, rejoice to see the Lord as he is. We give thanks for their example and commend them to the Father’s peace for ever.

Published on: 24-10-2020

Twenty-Ninth Sunday in Ordinary Time – Oct 18th, 2020

  1. We pray that the Church may have such maturity and wisdom that we may not be swayed from our purpose and calling by trivialities or world pressures, but know increasingly our dependence on the Lord in all things and proclaim his Gospel with steadfastness and joy.

  2. May all monarchs, leaders and heads of state be given graciousness and integrity, that all in power and authority may undertake their duties in a spirit of humility; that the oppressed may find a voice and the nations work together for the good of the world.

  3. May all our homes and places of work and leisure know and radiate the Lord’s harmony and peace; may we have the grace to respect one another and ourselves in the way we talk and think, and in the way we behave.

  4. We pray for peace in the hearts of all who are agitated, anxious or confused. We pray that the Lord may lay his hands of healing on all who are ill, that they may know his reassurance and love.

  5. May all who have kept faith be welcomed into the kingdom and lay their burdens down. May they rest in peace for ever.

Published on: 17-10-2020

Twenty-Eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time – Oct 11th, 2020

  1. When either the traditional or the progressive blinds us to the truth of the Father’s will, may he clear our vision and speak through our prejudices until we are once again open to his changing. May we be, before anything else, his people, sharing his concerns and desires.

  2. We recognise how powerful the influences are in our world which distract many and lead away from the truth. We pray for the quiet whisper of wisdom to be noticed and acknowledge in many lives; we pray for widespread discipline of the heart, a new openness to generosity of spirit.

  3. May our homes and daily schedules be part of the territory of the kingdom, where it is God’s will which guides and his love which rules.

  4. Our hearts rail against the cruelty and unfairness of suffering and disease, and we kneel now alongside all in pain and weep with them, crying out to the Lord for comfort and the healing of his love. That he shares our sorrow gives us the grace to bear it.

  5. As death takes from us those we love and we find it hard to live without them, we pray that we may share with them the Father’s peace over which death has no power at all.

Published on: 10-10-2020

Twenty-Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time Oct 4th, 2020

  1. As he guides his Church into ways of spiritual beauty and gracious wisdom, may the word of the Lord be spoken out with passion and heard with humility and joy. May he sustain and feed us so that we bear fruit in abundance.

  2. May justice and righteousness flourish in this neighbourhoods, this country, this world. May the Lord bless those who work to right what is wrong and mediate where there is conflict. We ask him to raise up leaders who are happy to serve and to protect them from power’s corruption.

  3. We thank the Lord for the nurturing we have received, and pray for our children and young people as they grow. May the Lord protect them from evil and strengthen them in faith; may they continue to be his for ever.

  4. We pray for comfort and healing for all who are in any kind of need, sorrow or pain. May they sense the reassuring presence of the Lord and know that he is there with them, wherever their journey takes them.

  5. We pray for those who have died to this earthly life, and now see the Lord face to face. We remember his mercy and commit our loved ones to the safety of his keeping.

Published on: 03-10-2020

Twenty-sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time (A) September 27th, 2020

  1. We give thanks for all the help and encouragement we are given from the the Church – from its worship, teaching and fellowship; from its faithfulness in prayer. May the Lord bless and further all loving ministry in word and sacrament throughout the world Church, and inspire us all to want his will and to do it.

  2. We pray for the world, where the misery and tragedy of wrong choices grieves the Father’s heart of love. May there be wisdom and compassion in all negotiations and decisions; May there be humility in leadership and responsibility for right action shared by all.

  3. We bring to the Lord the joys and worries, the frustrations and accomplishments of this week in the lives we have met and shared. As we pray, may his light shine into all these lives for fresh directing and lasting good.

  4. We bring to the Lord those we know who are ill or suffering in any way. May he give them healing, restore them in body, mind and spirit, and provide them with his in dwelling.

  5. We remember all those who have died, and particularly those we have known and loved. We thank the Lord for them, and thank him for his promise of eternal life and peace. May we comfort one another through his love.

Published on: 25-09-2020

Twenty-fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time (A) September 20th, 2020

  1. Whenever we start to get offended by the Father’s generosity or open-mindedness, may he give us the grace to repent and join his rejoicing. May he guard the Church against self-righteousness and all rules and limits which he would not own, but keep always before us the rule of love.

  2. May the Lord increase in us love not only for the victims but for the perpetrators of evil and violence in our world; for all governments which run on corruption and fear. We pray for a change of heart and attitude, an awakening to a better way of living, and the courage to reject wrong principles.

  3. May our closeness to family and friends make us never exclusive, shutting others out, but always inclusive, welcoming others in. May the lord encourage us in outgoing hospitality and keep us from becoming possessive with those we love.

  4. We pray for all offenders in prison, that on release they will not re-offend but find enough support to start a new life in the community. We pray for all who are vulnerable and unable to cope with the demands of life, for alcoholics, drug addicts and all who are sick in mind. We pray for proper, compassionate help for them.

  5. We pray for those who have died alone, unmourned and unnoticed. We pray for those who have committed suicide or died in accidents of their own making. We commend them to the merciful love of our Heavenly Father.

Published on: 18-09-2020

Twenty-fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time (A) September 13th, 2020

  1. We give thanks to the Father for the love which forgives again and again, and is prepared to trust us with the care of his people even after we have let him down many times. May he teach us to minister to one another’s needs with compassion, sensitivity and discipline, so that all are affirmed and encouraged.

  2. We give thanks to the Father for the order and variety, simplicity and complexity of this universe. In gratitude for all that humankind is able to do, we ask that all these gifts be used wisely and well, for the good of all, including those as yet unborn.

  3. We give thanks to the Father for what we have been forgiven and for the opportunities we have each day to learn the joy of forgiving others. May he smash through our self-righteousness and keep us learning in humility at his feet.

  4. We give thanks to the Father for all those who care for the sick, the unstable, the ungrateful and the difficult. We pray for all who are on the receiving end of hate, deceit, suspicion or abuse, and for those who cause others pain and distress of any kind. We pray for healing and transforming.

  5. We give thanks to the Father for those whose living and dying have taught us much about love. Freed from their pain and restrictions of age or injury, may they enjoy for ever the life of heaven.

Published on: 11-09-2020

Twenty-third Sunday in Ordinary Time (A) September 6th, 2020

  1. May the unchanging God change us from the heart until the whole Church awakens to his love that reaches out, nurtures and celebrates, neither holding back from what is difficult, nor rushing in where angels fear to tread. We pray for sensitivity and courage.

  2. May the almighty God give us such love for the world that we may pray with longing and desire, ‘Your kingdom come’. May he give our leaders the grace to see their work as service and their role as stewards; and sharpen both the recognition of needs and the commitment to just provision.

  3. May the merciful God break all habits of destructive behaviour in our homes and families, our friendships and in all the homes of this parish. May he develop our ability to celebrate what is good and face what is not with honesty.

  4. May the healing God lay his hands on those who suffer, so that they may know the support of his presence and find wholeness and peace in his love. We pray especially for those who are locked into the conviction that they are beyond his forgiveness. May they quickly discover the freedom of his acceptance.

  5. May the eternal God, in his unchanging love, receive all those who have died in faith, that they may rejoice in him for ever.

Published on: 03-09-2020

Twenty-Second Sunday in Ordinary Time (A) August 30th, 2020

  1. We pray that the Lord may help us all in the Church to understand what it really means to love and serve him. At the times of testing, may he strengthen us, at unexpected or undeserved suffering, may he support us, at the end of our energy may he revive us and teach us through it all the inexplicable peace and joy that comes from doing his will.

  2. We pray that the Lord may have mercy on us for the misdirected use of time, money and resources in this world. In the struggle against evil and sin, may he empower us, so that justice and righteousness are established, upheld and celebrated, as hearts rejoice in the freedom of all that is good.

  3. We pray that the Lord May renew our commitment to his loving in all our relationships, our work and our prayer. In the hard choices may he give us wisdom, in the painful decisions may he affirm us, and may our words speak his truth, whether that is to encourage, to comfort or to challenge.

  4. We pray that the Lord may bring healing and wholeness to those who suffer in body, mind or spirit. In the sleepless nights and endless days of pain, may he give the grace to persevere with patience, and turn these dark times into places of spiritual growth.

  5. We pray that those who have died may rest in the eternal peace of God’s presence, their burdens laid down and their suffering ended.

Published on: 28-08-2020