The Ascension of the Lord (June 2, 2019)

  1. As we celebrate this festival of Jesus’ entry into heaven as Saviour and Lord, we pray for unity in the Church and reconciliation and renewed vision.

  2. We pray that God of our making may draw us deeper into the meaning of life.

  3. We pray for all farewells and homecomings among our families and in our community, and for all who have lost touch with loved ones and long for reunion.

  4. We pray for those who are full of tears, and cannot imagine being happy again; we pray for the hardened and callous, whose inner hurts have never yet been healed. We pray for wholeness and comfort and new life.

  5. We commend to God’s eternal love those we remember who have died, and we pray too for those who miss their physical presence.

Published on: 31-05-2019

Sixth Sunday of Easter (May 26, 2019)

  1. As members of the Church in this generation, we ask for guidance and blessing for all our deacons, priests and bishops, and all in training for lay and ordained ministry. As the people of God, we ask for the gifts we need for the work we are called to do.

  2. This fragile, vulnerable planet is so beautiful, and in such need of guidance; we pray for a deeper valuing of our universe and of one another; for the kingdom to come on earth as in heaven.

  3. May our homes be centres of love, acceptance and welcome; we pray that the Spirit will make his home among us in each room and each relationship.

  4. We pray for all who are weighed down with doubts, fears and misgivings; all who are haunted by the past or scared by the future. We ask for them awareness of the Spirit’s constant presence and the courage he brings.

  5. As we remember those whose earthly life has come to an end, we pray that they, and we in our turn, may be received into heaven and live for ever in divine light.

Published on: 24-05-2019

Fifth Sunday of Easter (May 19, 2019)

  1. Wherever Christians are fussing and arguing, living outside the Father’s will, we pray for a deep cleansing, healing and renewing, so that we may truly be the Body of Christ in our world.

  2. Wherever injustice stifles human growth, and selfish ambition distorts leadership, we pray for right and good government throughout the world, born of wisdom and humility.

  3. As we watch our children growing, may they learn from our example to grow more loving in the ways we deal with conflict, approach difficulties, and address the needs of those we meet.

  4. In the places of long-term pain and sudden shock, of weariness, disappointment and fear, we pray for peace which only God can give and the comfort which speaks of hope.

  5. May the physical death of those we now recall be nothing less than the gateway to a new and lasting life in God’s love and protection.

Published on: 17-05-2019

Fourth Sunday of Easter (May 12, 2019)

  1. We pray for the nurture of each member of the Church; for the newly baptized and for all in ordained and lay ministry, that our love for one another may show as we work for the coming of the kingdom.

  2. We pray for the gift of discernment, so that we recognise God’s presence, and reverence his face in the faces of those we meet.

  3. We pray for our civil rulers and all those who govern our country and make its laws, that we may act responsibly and with compassion, attentive to real needs and good values.

  4. We pray particularly for homes filled with suspicion and envy, and ask for the healing of old hurts, together with hope and perseverance as people set out on paths of reconciliation.

  5. We pray for those whose capacity for trust and love has been damaged by other people’s sin. We long for the healing and forgiving power of the Spirit, so that all who are imprisoned by their past may walk freely with the Lord.

  6. We pray for those who have recently passed through death, that they may be judged with mercy, so that, made whole in God’s love, they may know the joy of eternal life.

Published on: 10-05-2019 (Last modified: 14-05-2019)

Third Sunday of Easter (May 5, 2019)

  1. We pray for the newly baptised and those who have recently returned to the Lord. As the Church, may we support them well and delight in them as members together of the Body of Christ.

  2. We pray for strength and protection against all hypocrisy and double standards in our society. We pray for a spirit of genuine service among all who lead and in all areas where we have authority.

  3. We pray that our homes and our relationships may be places where people know, by the way we look at them and treat them, that they are valued, cherished and respected for who they are.

  4. As we call to mind all who have learned to regard themselves with contempt, we pray that the Lord may draw near to them and whisper their true name, so that they discern the truth of his love and respect for them.

  5. We pray for the dying and those who have recently died, commending them to the joy and safe-keeping of God’s love.

Published on: 03-05-2019 (Last modified: 14-05-2019)

Second Sunday of Easter (Apr 28, 2019)

  1. We pray for our bishops, priests and deacons, in their demanding ministry of love, that they may be given all the support, grace and anointing they need.

  2. We pray for the gifts of discernment and integrity among all those who govern, advise and lead. May all self-centred ambition be cleared away so that our leaders are free to serve.

  3. Whenever we have eye contact with family, friends, neighbours or colleagues, we pray that the Lord may be there in that communication, and remind us of our calling to love one another.

  4. We call to mind those whose eyes are wet with tears or tense with pain. May they sense the Lord’s reassuring love which can bring us through the darkest of valleys.

  5. Jesus is the firstfruit of the new and eternal life. In gratitude for the privilege of knowing them here on earth, we pray for those who have recently walked through death into that promise.

Published on: 25-04-2019

Easter Sunday (Apr 21, 2019)

  1. We remember with gratitude the presence of the Church in remote and highly populated areas all over the world. We pray for all other Christians rejoicing today in the wonder of the Resurrection.

  2. We pray that we may recognise the risen Lord as we walk through our days, and we ask that he may remove anything which blurs our spiritual vision.

  3. We pray for the courage to speak out against injustice and oppression; we pray that our leaders may establish and uphold right values and sensitive legislation.

  4. We pray that those of our families and friends who have not yet met the risen Lord may be drawn into his company and introduced, so that they can enjoy his faithfulness and love.

  5. We remember those whose lives are filled with pain, anxiety or sorrow, and ask that the risen Lord may come alongside them and speak their name.

  6. With the words of Resurrection fresh in our minds, we commend to the Father’s eternal love those who have died, that they may live with him for ever.

Published on: 20-04-2019

Maundy Thursday (Apr 18, 2019)

  1. We pray for our Holy Catholic Church
    Our Holy Father, Pope Francis, our Apostolic Administrator, John Cardinal Tong, all Bishops, Priests and all the clergy, worldwide. That we may manifest each day, the work of Faith, the Labour of Love and the endurance of Hope that is ours as God’s people.
    Lord, hear us.

  2. We pray for Our World and Society
    that Leaders of all the Nations will endeavor to create justice, peace and harmony amongst their people, thus, enabling all, to live in peace, harmony and unity.
    Lord, hear us.

Published on: 18-04-2019

Palm Sunday (Apr 14, 2019)

  1. As the crowds welcomed Jesus, we pray that many more will welcome him into their hearts and lives over the coming year. We pray for opportunities to spread the good news and courage to take them.

  2. We recall the donkey Jesus rode on, and we pray for that real humility in our hearts which treats status and image casually, and truth and loving service seriously.

  3. The children sang and shouted in praise; we pray for the children in our homes, our city and our land. May we not fail them in the support and teaching they need.

  4. The crowds were responding to the healing love they had seen in action in Jesus. In our love and prayer we now bring all those we would have brought to Jesus for healing and help. May they be given comfort and reassurance, wholeness and hope.

  5. Jesus knew he was riding to his death. We pray for all on that last journey, especially those burdened with fear and guilt. We commend to God’s eternal love all who have died.

Published on: 12-04-2019

Fifth Sunday of Lent (Apr 7, 2019)

  1. We pray that the loving Lord may continue to breathe his life into the Church, so that we may speak his love to the world and be willing to suffer and prepared for sacrifice.

  2. We pray that the loving Lord may breathe his peace into the world, so that we may work together co-operatively, sensitive to one another’s needs and differences.

  3. We pray that the loving Lord may breathe his patience and forgiveness into our homes and all our relationships, so that we may learn to cherish and respect one another, and act with generosity.

  4. We pray that the loving Lord may breathe his encouragement into every suffering and every sadness, so that the dark and painful times become places of strong spiritual growth.

  5. We pray that the loving Lord may breathe his welcome deep into the souls of the dying, so that death is only the door leading to the joy of eternal life.

Published on: 06-04-2019