Twenty-Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time (C) Sept 29, 2019

  1. May we be a listening Church, welcoming to the hesitant, encouraging to the young, sensitive to the differences and attentive to the needs.

  2. May we be a caring world, wise in government, honest in promises, far-sighted in the management of resources, and open-hearted in charitable giving.

  3. May we be a responsible community, supporting our neighbours and friends, sharing one another’s sorrows and joys, and opening our homes to the presence of the Lord.

  4. As we remember those who have asked for our prayers, we ask that the Lord may take their needs and provide for them, take their wounds and heal them, take their suffering and comfort them.

  5. As we call to mind those who have died, may they know the welcoming of God’s love into eternal joy.

Published on: 27-09-2019

Twenty-Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time (C) Sept 22, 2019

  1. We pray for the Church to be pure and holy, alight with God’s love and compassion, and free from behaviour which is unworthy of God’s chosen people.

  2. We pray for the nations to be wisely governed, with just laws and a sense of vision which reflects the best of human nature. We pray for peace and mutual respect in each community throughout the world.

  3. We pray for our homes to be filled with God’s love, so we are happy to put ourselves out for others, to listen with full attention, and to value one another. We pray for the strength to clear away anything in our life-style which competes with God for our commitment.

  4. We pray for those who feel neglected or rejected by society, that they may know God’s love and acceptance of them. We pray for all those in pain and distress, that they may be comforted and relieved.

  5. We pray that the dying may recognise their need of God and his power to save; that those who have died may be judged with mercy and rest in God’s peace.

Published on: 21-09-2019

Twenty-Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time (C) Sept 15, 2019

  1. We pray for our bishops, priests and deacons, and all who are called to the different ministries in the Church. May they be blessed as they work in the service of the Lord.

  2. We pray for all peace initiatives and every genuine attempt at negotiation in conflict resolution. May those who govern be governed by the Father’s love; may those who lead be led by the Spirit’s directing; may the whole world come to know its need of Christ.

  3. We pray for our families and friends, for those we meet each day and those we seldom see; may all our loved ones be drawn closer to the Lord. May he search our those whose faith is fragile or fragmented.

  4. As we recall the needs of those who are sad or lonely, lost, or afraid of what they have become, we pray for the knowledge of the Father’s love to wrap warmly around them, and his living presence to bring them to a place of safety and hope.

  5. We pray for those who have recently died; may they enjoy the eternal life of heaven, where there is no more pain, sorrow or weariness, and every tear shall be wiped away.

Published on: 15-09-2019

Twenty-Third Sunday in Ordinary Time (C) Sept 8, 2019

  1. There is nothing hidden from the Lord. All our thoughts and plans and secret fears are open to him, even when we try to hide them. May he give us the courage and strength to deal with the doubts and misgivings and fears of his Church, with the love and mercy which are part of his nature.

  2. The Lord feels for the oppressed and the forgotten; understands the damage which can lead to violence, the insecurity which lead to defensiveness, and neglect which can lead to lack of control. We pray that he may heal the nations, restore what has been lost, and turn our hearts to discern his will.

  3. The Lord knows the love inside our hearts for one another that sings and dances and aches and worries. We pray that the Spirit may work on us now in the depth of our being, and bless our loved ones with a sense of joy.

  4. The Lord suffers with those who suffer and weeps with those who weep; we, too, stand alongside them now in whatever pain, distress or sorrow is engulfing them, and we pray that they may be comforted.

  5. The Lord’s death and resurrection proclaim the message of hope amongst the tears of our grieving for those who have died. May they be welcomed into the eternal light of the kingdom.

Published on: 07-09-2019

Twenty-Second Sunday in Ordinary Time (C) Sept 1, 2019

  1. As the body constantly breathes, may the Church, the body of Christ, constantly pray, breathing God’s life into all its members and activities.

  2. As a new week begins in our world, may wrong priorities be challenged and adjusted, may our societies reflect God’s concern for righteousness, true justice and responsive love, and may all leaders grow in humility, attentive to the needs of those they serve.

  3. As we call to mind our loved ones, all who depend on us, and those on whom we depend, all with whom we laugh, cry, work or play, cleanse and refresh our relationships and give us greater love, understanding and forgiveness.

  4. We think of those who are in prison, locked in cells or depression or dysfunctional bodies; we think of those in hospital wards and accident centers, those unable to reach medical help and those on long waiting-lists for operations; as we think of them all, we pray for them all.

  5. We remember the dying and those who love them; we remember those whose earthly life has come to an end, and we commend them to God’s undying love.

Published on: 31-08-2019

Twenty-First Sunday in Ordinary Time (C) (Aug 25, 2019)

  1. That in all the decisions and activities of the church, we may be slow to rush ahead of God’s guiding yet quick to follow where he leads.

  2. That in all hardships and dangers of life, in all the crises, conflicts and injustices, we may keep clear-sighted and attentive to God’s will.

  3. That with our friends, neighbours and loved ones, and those we are tempted to despise or dismiss, we may have many opportunities for loving service.

  4. That in those who live fearfully, God may breathe his peace, and on those who are ill and frail, he may place healing hands.

  5. That God’s comfort may surround all who are dying unrecognised or unnoticed, and that all who die in God’s friendship may be welcomed into eternity with him.

Published on: 23-08-2019

Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary Time (C) (Aug 18, 2019)

  1. Whenever the Lord weeps over our harshness, may his tears melt our hearts of stone. Whenever he grieves over our double standards, may we be shocked into honesty again. May he make us receptive to his teaching, and willing to take risks and eager to run with our eyes fixed on him.

  2. Whenever the news overwhelmed us, may the Lord nudge us to fervent prayer. Whenever leaders meet to negotiate peace, may he be present at the conference table. May he breathe his value into our thinking, tear down the divisive barriers and renew us to lead the world into loving.

  3. We pray that whenever tempers are frayed and patience is wearing thin, the Spirit may give us space to collect ourselves and try again. Whenever the demands of family and friends remind us of our limitations, may the Spirit minister graciously through our weakness and teach us the humility of apologising.

  4. Whenever people are enveloped by pain or desolate grief or total exhaustion, may the Spirit bring refreshment and peace, tranquility and hope, and whenever the grip of the past prevent free movement into the future, bring release and healing.

  5. We pray for the dying, especially those who are fearful and distressed, may they be comforted and reassured on that last journey. May those who care for them and those who mourn their going be blessed.

Published on: 17-08-2019

Nineteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time (Aug 11, 2019)

  1. The Father knows both our gifts as a congregation and the needs of those in this parish; we ask him to bless our ministry in this place, to strengthen and encourage all Church leaders and to deepen our faith and sure hope.

  2. We pray that the Father may heal our nation and all the nations of what is in the past and still corrodes the present, so that we may build on good foundations and learn to govern ourselves with honesty, respect for one another and sensitivity to needs.

  3. We pray that the Father may be present in the daily living of our homes and in all our relationships, and make us more trustworthy in our friendships, and strengthen our resolve to live our faith in action.

  4. We call to mind all whose capacity to trust has been damaged; for those who are victims of injustice or corruption; for the very young and the very old, the frail, the vulnerable and the bereaved.

  5. We remember those who have completed their earthly life in faith and have now seen the Lord face to face. May they know the peace of eternity; we too look forward to sharing that life of joy.

Published on: 09-08-2019

Eighteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time (Aug 4, 2019)

  1. We pray for all those who give to support the work of the Church; may the Lord bless our giving, guide our spending, and help us to value the true wealth of his abundant love.

  2. We pray for the world’s economy; for fair management and distribution of resources; for fair trade and just wages; for greater awareness and concern about injustice; for a commitment to our responsibilities as planet-sharers and earth dwellers.

  3. We pray for all parents with young children; may they be blessed and guided in their parenting; we pray for families in debt; for those whose homes have been repossessed, and those whose financial security makes them forgetful of God’s love.

  4. We pray for those who are burdened with financial worries and all who struggle to make ends meet, all over the world; we pray for the emotionally and spiritually bankrupt, and those who do not yet know God’s love for them.

  5. We pray for those who have died, and those on that last journey at this moment; for a merciful judgement and the everlasting joy of heaven.

Published on: 03-08-2019

17th Sunday in Ordinary Time (July 28, 2019)

  1. We pray for all who uphold and teach the faith, for young Christians in schools and universities, for Christians witnessing to their faith at work, for all in danger of persecution. We pray for strength and courage.

  2. We pray for discernment and wisdom as we strive for international co-operation in managing the world’s resources; for perseverance as we work towards peace and reconciliation.

  3. We pray for the good sense in our family and community life that knows the difference between generosity and indulgence between lenience and neglect of responsibility.

  4. We pray for all victims of abuse and tyranny, for all who suffer, war or disease; we pray for the grace to forgive, and for healing of body, mind and spirit.

  5. We pray for those who have died, and particularly for those who have no one to mourn their going; for those who have died unnoticed. We pray that they may rest in peace forever.

Published on: 27-07-2019