Eighteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time – August 1st 2021

  1. As the travelling people of God, we pray for a deepening hunger for the things of God and a loosening of our grip on all the wants and expectations which prevent us from moving forward God’s way.

  2. As brothers and sisters with the whole of creation, we pray for respect and reverence among people regardless of wealth or status.

  3. As we prepare and eat our food each day, we pray for those who grow and manufacture it, distribute and sell it, shop for it and cook it, and for those with whom we share food. May we all be built up with the spiritual feeding which sustains us for ever.

  4. As we ask for daily bread, we pray for those who are physically starving, for all who hunger emotionally, for those who mistrust God’s feeding.

  5. As we remember those who have died, we pray that, nourished by the Bread of Life, they may travel on eagles’ wings into the brightness of eternal life.

Published on: 31-07-2021

Seventeenth Sunday in Ordinary Time – July 25th 2021

  1. We pray for the Church with all its varied ministries; for the youngest to the oldest baptised members; for those of mellow faith and those who struggle with doubts.

  2. We pray for the strength of a new commitment within ourselves to pray the news each day and share the pain we read about, longing for peace and justice in a world tense with aggression and distorted with selfishness.

  3. We pray that the Lord may work in, and transform, our homes and our relationships. In all our meetings and conflicts and all differences of opinion may we work to the glory of God.

  4. We pray for all who suffer or are heavily burdened; we pray for their comfort and refreshment, wholeness and restoration, but above all for the conscious of Christ’s presence in their pain, and his love for them.

  5. We pray for the faithful souls entering by the gate of physical death that they may have eternal life.

Published on: 24-07-2021

Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time – July 18th 2021

  1. Recognising the brokenness and disunity of Christ’s Church, we pray that he may draw us closer to one another as we draw closer to him.
  2. With the noise of global conflicts and human deprivation thundering in our ears, we pray that the Lord may shepherd our humanness and lead us in the secret places of the heart.
  3. With the statistics of families life challenging our values, and with the pressures to conform to the norms in conflict with God’s will, we pray for a sound and centred wisdom in all our daily living and life choices.
  4. With stressed and overburdened, the overworked and the unemployed, we pray for balanced lives; for physical, mental and spiritual health; for patience in times of trouble, and direction in times of confusion. 
  5. As we remember with love and gratitude the lives of those who have died in faith, we commend them to eternal rest in the Lord and his unchanging affection.

Published on: 17-07-2021

Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time – July 11th 2021

  1. We pray that our lives may be upright and holy; that our church communities may shine with goodness and love, humility and truth.
  2. We pray that many may be empowered to recognise evil and fight against it; to discern warning signs and speak them out; to notice the sparks of love and goodness and celebrate them.
  3. We pray that our homes, our places of work and leisure, may be arenas of praise and thankfulness, not only in the comfort zones but particularly through the disturbed and difficult times.
  4. We pray for those in prison; for those leading cruel and violent lives; for all victims of oppression or abuse; for all who suffer mental anguish or physical pain.
  5. We pray for those who have died, that they, and we in our turn, may be given merciful judgement through Jesus our Saviour, and brought into the unquenchable light of heaven.

Published on: 10-07-2021

Fourteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time – July 4th 2021

  1. We pray for a real concern and love for one another, supportive and encouraging, without malice or bickering, so that we can be sent out strong in our weakness and littleness.
  2. All the kingdoms and states are answerable to divine authority, and much evil is allowed to flourish through the silence of good people; we pray for the courage to speak out the truth, whether it is popular or not.
  3. May all our listening at home, on the phone, at school and at work be done with our full attention to God’s voice and to one another, happy to grow wiser through each conversation.
  4. We pray for those whose pain screams silently and incessantly; for those who have no one to confide in, no one to listen.  May the love of the Lord enfold them, his peace calm them and his healing transform them.
  5. In our life and in all our living may we be prepared for the life to come; we commend to the Lord’s keeping all those we have recently made their journey through death.

Published on: 03-07-2021

Thirteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time – June 27th, 2021

  1. May all the complacency or despondency we experience be replaced by a deepened faith and sense of wonder.
  2. May our false assumptions be questioned and our unenlightened choices be challenged, so that our society and its systems may come under the reign of justice, righteousness and love.
  3. May our pride be replaced with humility; may the childlike in us remain like a living flame and enable us to rediscover God’s glory around us.
  4. May the sick and those who long to be healed hear the Lord’s voice and sense his touch.
  5. We grieve the loss of loved ones who have died and gone ahead of us; yet we also rejoice that they have been called by the Lord into the fullness of everlasting life.

Published on: 26-06-2021

Twelfth Sunday in Ordinary Time – June 20th, 2021

  1. We pray for those in position of authority in the Church all over the world and in each gathered community; that through all the storms of life we may be enabled to hear God’s calming voice and deepen our trust in him.
  2. We pray for those with political and military power, and all whose decisions affect many lives.  May they speak the Holy Spirit’s truth in their motives, the Son’s honour in their actions, and the Father’s vision of peace in every conflict.
  3. We pray for all single people, couples, families and groups in the community as they weather through and learn from the lessons of daily life; may all those who care for others be given the capacity to bring peace and calm fears.
  4. We pray for those whose minds and hearts are in turmoil, whose lives lurch from crisis to crisis; for those who find their lives shattered by illness or injury; that they may be given peace in those times of tribulation and a settling of all anxiety.
  5. We commend those who have died to God’s merciful forgiveness and pray for their eternal tranquillity.

Published on: 19-06-2021

Immaculate Heart of BVM Memorial (Parish Feast Day) – June 13th, 2021

  • We give thanks for this church building and the privilege of worshipping without fear.  We give thanks for all who have prayed and ministered here, and ask that the Lord keep us attentive to his voice, worshipping him in spirit and in truth.
  • We pray for our parish in Tai Po, for all who live, work and raise their families here.  We give thanks for all that is good and hopeful, and ask the Lord to bless and guide those in authority.
  • May the homes we represent and all the homes of this parish be filled with light and love, warmth and welcome, comfort and peace.
  • May all who come to this place distressed in body or soul, find healing and refreshment, and be touched with the beauty of God’s holiness. We commend to the Father’s love all those who have worshipped here in the past, both those we remember and those known only by him.

Published on: 12-06-2021

Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ Solemnity – June 6th, 2021

  • We pray for all who celebrate the Eucharistic mysteries, and all who receive it. That, after we partake of the Body and Blood of Christ, we may grow in holiness and bring God’s love to all we meet.
  • We pray that all who know their hunger and thirst for real food may find the spiritual nourishment they crave, and receive new and satisfying life through Christ our Lord.
  • We pray for the spiritual banquet of families, through God’s word and the sacraments; that we may daily draw closer to the God who loves us, and that our lives become increasingly filled with his life as we partake of the Holy Eucharist.
  • We pray for those who, through frailty or illness, receive the sacraments in their homes or in hospital. We pray for those who have died, that in God’s mercy they may be brought to the eternal joy of heaven.

Published on: 05-06-2021

Trinity Sunday – May 30th, 2021

  1. May the Church reflect the community and unity within the Trinity; may there be Godly harmony, shared ministry, mutual support and encouragement in the faith.

  2. May the world’s leaders seek not personal power but the public good; may conflicts be faced honestly and needs recognised and met; may all our communities be built up on what is good, true, just and right.

  3. May there be love and respect for one another in every household; may there be mutual support, thoughtfulness, consideration and trust.

  4. May the hearts’ cries for help be heard, tears collected and the fears quieted; may suffering be eased and guilt erased through your healing love.

  5. May the dead rise to new and eternal life, freed from their aching and be restored for ever.

Published on: 29-05-2021